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The bliss of classic rules of Blackjack and a twist of modern bets, bonuses, and jackpots make Blackjack C Live one of the most played games in online casinos.

Blackjack has ruled the world of casinos since the very beginning. Stepping into the digital era, the popular casino game didn’t take long to establish itself in the online casinos as well. Blackjack is the most demanded game and is available in almost every online casino worldwide. The game sees many cool variants of it coming day after day.

One of the most played variants of 21 in online casinos is the Blackjack C live. The game is powered by Evolution Gaming who are leading game developers. The game is a perfect combo of classic blackjack rules and modern betting and jackpot strategies. Here’s a quick review on casino’s next hot favourite game - Blackjack C Live.

An exciting live ambience at Blackjack C Live

The game is hosted by a live dealer who deals real cards to the players. The live tables have 7 players usually. 8 packs of standard cards are used. The game progresses just like a standard Blackjack game. However, there are quite a few interesting changes in this variant, making it so popular.

Rules to familiarize with- Blackjack C Live

The rules are pretty much the same. The players go head to head with the dealer. One who has a better score in between the dealer and the player is a winner. The values assigned to the cards is the same as in all the other Blackjack variants. The face cards and the tens are worth 10 points, the number cards have the same value as the number of the card, the aces may either be valued at 1 or at 11.

The player tries to get a hand score closer to 21 comparable to that of the dealer’s in order to register a win. The ‘blackjack’ consisting of a face card and an ace is the best hand in this game. Interesting to notice that at 17, the dealer always stands. An unlimited number of players are connected to the live game.

A help guide is available online at the screen for all the players. Also, the dealer also helps the newbies and pretty much everyone. The game involves big bonuses like an unlimited progressive jackpot prize. The game sees players outside the live table placing the behind bets on their player of choice. If the selected player wins the round, an equal amount of payout is rewarded for the table player and the betting player.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack C Live

Author: Darren Henley