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Blackjack E Live provides players with a combination of thrill and excitement. If you are a connoisseur of table games and also want to have a real-life experience of gaming, this is an ideal game to play. Like the other live games that you play, this game also has a design that gives you the feeling of playing in a brick and mortar casino. The interface and the design have a completely realistic setting along with a 3D look and feel. The dealing studios from where the game takes place are located in Europe and South America. The default language is English, while you can also switch on to Spanish.

Blackjack E Live comes in two variants

Blackjack E Live can be played with two variants of blackjack: 7 seat blackjack and unlimited blackjack. Based on your level of skill, you can play the games. The rules in both the games are quite simpler so that even novices can take part. The game can be played directly on the mobile browser without having to download it. Also, it can be played on the desktops. A good attribute about the game is the dealer hand statistics that is displayed as part of the interface. This enables the players to view the last 10 hands of the dealers.

In case of the Blackjack E Live 7 seat, a player will need to use 8 decks of cards. It follows the Vegas rule that allows the dealer to take two cards. If the dealer shows an Ace card, the player will be able to surrender the hand. He or she will also be able to double on the splits. There are no limiting rules and you will be able to double on any stake. The dealer will stand on all the 17’s and the insurance payment is 2:1.

Auto-splits play a major role in unlimited Blackjack E Live

In case of the unlimited variant of the Blackjack E Live, auto splits play a significant role. One hand of the player is dealt on which an unlimited number of players can place their bet. Each player will be able to make the decisions related to double, split, hit or stand. A unique aspect of this variant is the auto-splitting of hands 2-2, 3-3, 6-6, 7-7, 8-8 or A-A. A player can wish to use just one hand or can play both hands. In the case of the latter, the bet will be doubled.

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Name: Blackjack E Live

Author: Darren Henley