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Blackjack F Live by Evolution is an innovative version of live gaming that gives you the scope to win huge sums of money. One of the main features of this attractive game is that it uses the Vegas rule of blackjack along with 7 seat table. Players will have to play with eight decks of cards and they can also replace them in case three quarters of the shoe are dealt with. Evolution Gaming has come out with good live version of dealer casino games before and this one is also expected to be a major hit in the gambling scene.

Blackjack F Live comes with innovative elements

There are quite a lot of innovative features in Blackjack F Live like side bets, pre decisions and bet behinds that you can opt for based on your playing strategy. The range of the betting starts from one and can go up to even 5000 coins. The bet is based on whether you choose a low limit table or a high limit table. There are quite a few language options like Italian, English, and French, German, Dutch and so on.  The game can be played both on your desktop and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. All features are fully compatible with the latest mobile software.

You can customize the interface

Another major aspect of Blackjack F Live is that it allows you to customize your gaming interface. There is also a chat option that allows you to converse with other players in real time. There is an option to adjust the quality of the video by customizing the settings ranging from Auto, Low to High and HD. The Auto setting is quite handy as it customizes the interface according to the connection speed. You can also adjust the volume of the games. This customizes the voice of the dealer and the sound of the gaming elements.

As already mentioned, Blackjack F Live has quite a few gaming features. For example, the Pre decision feature allows you to decide on the hand before your turn. The Deal Now feature allows you to set the betting clock to zero so that the dealer can start the next game immediately. The Hot Players allow you to view the names of the players who are doing well in the game. The Side Bets are also displayed on the table for convenience of players. Lastly, the Bet Behind feature enables to place a bet behind another player as per the lead.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack F Live

Author: Darren Henley