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A popular variant of the classic card game that dates back to the 18th century, Blackjack J Live is a thrilling game of skill and luck. It is one of the popular casino games offered by Evolution Gaming due to its appeal amongst players of all skill levels. Although perfecting this game can take some time, this exciting game helps you master the game though its incredible features. The table limits in this variant of blackjack varies from £35-£1000. Double down and split bets are the side bets permitted in this game.

The basics of Blackjack J Live

The composition of this game is same as the standard blackjack card game. However, there exists a limitation in the amount of bet that can be placed as well as on the kind of side bets that a player can place. An understanding of these strategies can lower the house edge dramatically.        

Placing split bets in Blackjack J Live   

You are presented with the opportunity to split your set of cards into a pair. This can be done soon after you are dealt with them. If you decide to split your existing hand, then your cards would be divided into two standard hands. You will have to place a second bet that matches your original bet placed. This strategy can help you double your chances of winning as well as losses. Splitting adds to the excitement and also raises the stakes. It is best to be aware of when to use this strategy and when not to.  

Double down in Blackjack J Live   

The concept of double down permits you to double your wager after dealing with your initial cards. In return for permitting doubling down, you are just one more card. This implies that you must use double down feature only when you hand value equals to 10 or 11. If the original cards that you are dealt with have a value more than 11, then you should never double down.   

Overall, Blackjack J Live is an interesting variant of the standard live blackjack game. You can try this game from reputed online casinos like ours. You can also use the bonuses and promotions to your advantage while playing here.

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Name: Blackjack J Live

Author: Darren Henley