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Evolution Gaming, time and again, launches a new game thereby setting new standards for itself. It recently launched Blackjack VIP B based on the popular game of Blackjack and can be played live on the internet. The game follows the basic rules of Blackjack, also known as Twenty-One. As we know, the game is named so due to the object that is for the player to obtain a higher total card count, not exceeding 21, before the Dealer gets it.

Blackjack VIP B or the Game of 21

Blackjack VIP B is hosted Live by a highly professional Dealer based out of the Casino Studio. The game is streamed live, in real-time and has actual players playing the game who may be spread across the world at a given time. The game allows up to 7 players to be seated around the table and is played with eight standard decks of cards with the dealer standing on 17.

Players at the table can set their bet within the betting range during the allotted betting time. Once the time is up, the dealers start with dealing the cards, face-up and one at a time, starting from the player on his/her left. Then comes the second round of face-up cards for players ending with a face-down card for the Dealer. The players total of his/her cards is displayed on his/her gaming screen. If the sum value is 21, the player wins. If no one hits blackjack, including the dealer, the second round of cards needs to be dealt with players given an option to double down, hit or stand on their initial bet. And thus the game carries on with the basic rules.

The Experience

Blackjack VIP B has a very interactive user interface. The game’s controls are easy to understand and clear. The help section gives out all the details required for gameplay. The streaming quality is good and adjustable according to the user’s internet setting preference. Multiple cameras catch the game from different angles and the user has the liberty to view them at will. Overall, the game gives users a very satisfying experience.

Last Thoughts

Blackjack VIP B is a great Live game that the Blackjack Players can enjoy at their convenience from anywhere around the world and at their own suitable time.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack VIP B

Author: Darren Henley