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This interesting blackjack game is created by the Evolution Gaming software. Due to the outstanding features of Blackjack VIP C Live, more and more players are opting this table game to play now-a-days.

Know More About The Blackjack VIP C Live

In Blackjack VIP C Live, the players has a competition with the dealer and they are not in opposition with the other players. When the players are able to make the sum of 21 from the values of the starting two playing cards,then the players can have Blackjack.This is the best hand which the players can make to win huge amounts.

As mentioned earlier, the game is designed especially for the high rollers. So, the maximum bet in this blackjack game goes up to £5000. Also, you have to keep one thing in your mind while placing your bet that you have to place that specific amount as your bet so that you will not become bankrupt.

Some Rules to Keep In Mind

The rules of Blackjack VIP C Live are easy to learn and understand. You may also be familiar with the basics and rules of this game if you are a regular player of blackjack games.

  • Whenever you got a tie with your hands, then you have to push the game.
  • Whenever you got the similar value on your initial cards, then you can split them.
  • You can make only one split on one hand.
  • The dealer in this game will constantly remain at 17.
  • Blackjack will pay a ratio of 3 to 2.
  • Insurance will pay a ratio of 2 to 1.

Place The Side Bets

The players can also place the side bets in Blackjack VIP C Live. The side bets such as 21+3 and Perfect Pairs won't affect the result which you will get through the main bet.

To Sum Up

Blackjack VIP C Live is an online blackjack game which is created only for the players who belong to the VIP section.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack VIP C Live

Author: Darren Henley