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Evolution Gaming - a leader in developing live casino table games has once more introduced a classic Blackjack table game with new thrill and twist. Blackjack VIP D Live, where D stands for Diamond is another popular Blackjack game. The game is played in one of the custom designed casinos with creme and golden colors that gives off the royal and VIP feeling. Against the players playing is the real dealer who is an employee of Evolution Gaming known for their talent and skills in casino table games.

What's new in Blackjack VIP D Live - Rules and Features

The rules like other online VIP Blackjack table games don't change much. The game is played using 8 decks of cards. As usual, the dealer will draw up to 16 and stand out on any 17. The players have the chance to get double on their two initial cards. Also, you can split your hands of the same value into two hands.

Along with the main bets, Blackjack VIP D Live has an interesting side bet option to play and win extras. The side bets offer odds up to 100:1 by playing Perfect pairs or 21+3 pairs.

Blackjack VIP D Live Look and feel

Evolution Gaming has done well in designing the UI of the game. The game features a hidden toolbar at the top of the screen with a menu, some buttons and the rules of the game. Using those buttons you can communicate with your dealer and make your decisions in the game. The toolbar also has video and audio controls and an option to check your gaming history. You can also go through the rules of the game at any time using an option on the hidden toolbar.

The HD quality and large video feed make it feel like you're right in that casino playing face to face with your dealer. This game is a real treat to the Blackjack lovers who are willing to bet high and quite love the comfort of their chair.

Final words

Blackjack VIP D Live is a game for the players with big bank balance who are ready to bet at least £1000. The game stands up to its name and gives you true VIP treatment with HD cameras, closer focus, and a high-class studio setup to add fun and thrill to the game.

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Game Summary

Name: Blackjack VIP D Live

Author: Darren Henley