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Casino Hold’em Live is a variant of Three Card Poker, where players play against a live dealer rather than each other. Gameplay rules are based in part on those found in Texas Hold’em, where players receive a couple of cards, followed by 5 community cards. The winner is the player who forms the best 5 card poker hand.

In Casino Hold’em Live, only a couple of hands are dealt. Both the dealer and player receive 2 cards. Next, 5 community cards are dealt, with the winner being the fellow with the better poker hand.

Gameplay here takes place with a single deck containing 52 cards. This is shuffled before every round.

All About Casino Hold’em Live

This live dealer game makes use of pretty female dealers and takes place in a comfy studio. Both the dealer and the poker table are positioned at the middle of the screen and the game can be accessed on both mobile devices and PC.

There is no feasible limit to the number of players playing the single player hand that is dealt out in Casino Hold’em Live. In effect, this is unlimited. A list of the current players in a game can be either found in the lobby or pasted at the left of the screen whenever there’s a win.

Gameplay In Casino Hold’em Live

Gameplay here is strictly straightforward. To that end, there is just a trio of supported bets. These are the Ante, Bonus Bet and the Jumbo Jackpot Bets. The Ante Bet is the initial bet that gets the game rolling, the Bonus Bet is totally optional and comes with boosted odds, while the Jumbo Jackpot Bet pays a jackpot prize anytime players get a 7 card straight flush.

After bets have been made in Casino Hold’em Live, the dealer deals out a couple of face-up cards to herself and the player. Next, a trio community cards are dealt face-up.

The player then makes a Call Bet by playing the hand or folds up the hand with an Ante Bet. For the Ante bet, the dealer is obliged to have a hand that contains at least a pair of 4s in order to qualify.

Should the player opt to fold the hand, the dealer deals the remaining community cards and unveils the cards in his/her possession. The winner is the one with the better hand.

Final Thoughts

Casino Hold’em Live is one of the more interesting live poker card games around. It features a slick interface regardless of the platform used, has fast-paced gameplay and even a progressive jackpot. Overall, it certainly does its best to impress.

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Name: Casino Hold’em Live

Author: Darren Henley