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Casino Hold'em Lobby Live include a set of exclusive Poker games from Evolution Gaming. This game is similar to the traditional 5 card real Texas Hold'em casino poker game. A live casino game is a perfect way to attract the gamblers who love to play from home or anywhere they wish to. Players can play this game from their desktop/mobile/tablet. Evolution Gaming has introduced a jackpot in this release of Casino Hold'em Lobby Live game and that jackpot is called "Jumbo 7 Jackpot". This is the biggest jackpot money that a player can receive at a live casino table.

Available betting options - Casino Hold'em Lobby Live

Evolution Gaming has developed a good user interface in their live casino games and this one has the best too. Players can experience awesome gaming details like live dealer, real cards into play, ability to interact on the table through chat, and most importantly the balance and winning amount display column. The players play against the dealer of the house and not against other players who are seated in the casino table.

The dealer places the shuffled cards beside him/her and then opens up the betting option for the players. Players have to place their stake and optional bets before the dealer closes the betting round. Here at Casino Hold'em Lobby Live games, you have two betting options - Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet and Bonus Bet respectively. As mentioned earlier, Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet is the world's biggest jackpot money at a casino live table and this feature at Bluefox Casino's Casino Hold'em Lobby Live is for licensed players who have joined the Jackpot Programme.

Finally the dealer deals the cards for each player (2 for each player and 2 for the dealer himself). After that, 3 community cards are spread on the table by the dealer. Then the player has to decide whether he/she needs to call or fold. The winnings are offered to the players if the player beats the dealer's hand. Progressive Jumbo 7 Jackpot prize is given to the player during 7 Card Straight Flush show.

To Sum Up

Casino Hold'em Lobby Live games are available online for 24 hours and can be played without downloading any special software. This game is similar to the traditional poker Texas Hold'em game with Jumbo 7 Jackpot side bet as the special feature.

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Name: Casino Hold’em Lobby Live

Author: Darren Henley