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There are more or less 3 main variants of roulette. These are the American, European and French.

The American roulette variant has the biggest house edge by virtue of its possessing a double zero pocket. The European roulette variant has a lower house edge than its American counterpart, with the French variant being essentially the same as the European Roulette variant.

The only real difference between the French and European variants of the game lies in the fact that the former is oriented towards a French-speaking audience. As a result, the main bet sections are rendered in French rather than English.

Still, there is usually no need for players to consider learning the French language before they can play the game. This is because all terms used are by default carefully explained in the Terms and conditions section in a way that anyone can understand.

French Roulette Live is a live roulette version of the game and is made by Playtech. It comes with the lovely La Partage rule that sees players given back half their wagers when the ball rests in a zero pocket, as well as high-end graphics.

Check it out to the full below.

Action Unlimited With French Roulette Live!

As this is a live game, the action views are streamed from a Latvian studio. Multiple cameras are used, with all assuring great views of the onscreen action.

The dealers in French Roulette Live are ladies with the most confident smiles on their faces. They sit or stand before the roulette table and accept wagers.

Making bets in French Roulette Live is a rather simple affair. First, the desired chip size out of the 7 available is selected. Next, this is then placed on the table layout that corresponds to the bet. Announce and Neighbour bets can be made by clicking the icons located at the bottom right of the screen.

Conveniently for non-French speakers, every number that a particular bet can cover gets highlighted when the cursor gets moved over the desired bet type. There is a bet limit displayed at the left part of the table, with this, however,  applicable only to straight up bets. Other bets types enable more sizable wagers.

Adjacent the chips are game options that can enable the adjustment of the camera view, the activation of the live chat feature, full screen, sound and other useful game settings.

Final Thoughts

French Roulette Live is a sweet-looking game with sweet dealers and even sweeter gameplay options. The La Partage rule lowers the house edge to the point that is nearly invisible, and overall this live roulette game appears to be the real deal and totally worth getting all excited over!

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Name: French Roulette Live

Author: Darren Henley