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Blackjack has always been a popular game and has been loved by its all fans and there is another treat for all the lovers in the form of Grand VIP Live. It is a card game which is played between many players and a dealer. Every player will compete against the dealer.

Know how to play Grand VIP Live

The ultimate objective of the game is to have a card count higher than the dealer but not greater than 21. The dealer will host the game and will allow only seven players at Blackjack table. 8 standard decks of cards are used in playing this game. The dealer will always be seen standing on 17. The face values of cards from 2-10 are their respective worth while all the face cards that include Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10. The aces have their value as either 11 or 1; whichever goes in favour with the hand.

In case the value of 2 card hand is 21, it means you already have a Blackjack. Bingo!! If the upcard present with the dealer is an Ace, you will get to buy the Insurance to counteract the risk i.e. the dealer has a Blackjack although when you yourself also have a Blackjack.

Grand VIP Live: Outcome

When the sum of cards in your hand goes beyond 21, you will bust and also will lose the bet on that particular hand. After all the players take their respective turns, the downcard's value will be revealed by the dealer. The dealer has to hit on a hand containing 16 or less & should stand on a soft 17 hand or more than that.

If your final hand has a value closer to 21 than that of the dealer, you win and if your hand's value and dealer's hand value is same, the round will get terminated and the bet will be returned. If you use 2 cards in initial 2-card deal, Blackjack is possible only then. Note that the hand containing 21 which results from a split pair will not be considered as a Blackjack.

Final Say: Grand VIP Live Review

Grand VIP Live comes as a treat for all the players and specially those Blackjack lovers out there. Moreover, you can quickly learn the rules and regulations if the game and just begin to test your fortune. Hurry and check this out today.

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Name: Grand VIP Live

Author: Darren Henley