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Live casino games are the most fun out of all kinds since these give the player a chance of experiencing real-time casino feel from anywhere and anytime. Keeping this in mind, Evolution Gaming has created some of the best live games and one of them is Live Blackjack A. This is a blackjack version with a live dealer and can be played on any device including the smartphones and tablets.

Live Blackjack A Features and Looks

Live Blackjack A has a simple yet attractive design. The table is green in colour and as the player enters the game room, they will see a dealer standing besides the table. Dealers explain the game rules to the players in the beginning of the game. If players have any further questions, they can connect with the dealers. The table can accommodate 7 people at one time. The game takes place in different languages so that players can select the language before starting. There are different camera angles for the players to look at the table in different ways. Options to set the bet as well as to adjust the other settings of the game are given at the bottom. It is also possible to adjust the resolution of the video for a better experience.

Gameplay and Betting

When it comes to the gameplay, if the player has played Blackjack before, they will be able to understand the rules of Live Blackjack A easily. The dealers are also really helpful with the game rules. The player has to start by purchasing the chips and placing their bets on the table. The dealer will deal two cards to the player both face up and two cards to himself. The player can choose to hold their cards or ask the dealer to deal more cards so that they can have the biggest number. Once the dealers cards are revealed, the one with the bigger sum will win. If the player gets 21 with their first cards, it will be a blackjack.

To Sum Up

Live Blackjack A is an interesting live Blackjack game that has a lot of winning potential for the players because of the main as well as the side bets. Players will enjoy smooth video quality and a live gaming experience. Dealers are soft spoken and nice; this helps the beginners to play the game with ease.

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Game Summary

Name: Live Blackjack A

Author: Darren Henley