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Live Blackjack Party is a combination of thrill and excitement and offers you a scope to win a huge amount of money. The interface of the game has the look and feel of the brick and mortar casino. This adds a realistic setting to the whole gaming experience. The rules are quite simpler, which make it ideal for players who are new into the gambling scene. You can play this game on both of your mobile devices and desktops.

Live Blackjack Party is played with six card decks

Similar to the other forms of blackjack, Live Blackjack Party is played with a French Suite of cards that come up with six decks. Each deck consists of 52 cards, which adds the total number of cards to 312. Each case also comes with a different value based on the denomination. Cards like King, Jack and Queen are available with 10 points. The Ace card is available with 1 or 10 points. One of the main differences is that there are two dealers in this game compared to one. This, in turn, increases the chances of winning. Camera angles are placed in strategic positions to make the gameplay more exciting.

Live Blackjack Party has more than 200 images that appear in one second. If you wish to have a more thrilling experience, you can change the settings and switch to the party mode. The payout ratio is also quite high compared to the other blackjack live games.  In order to become the winner, you would need to get the strategies right. For example, you would need to know that the table limit for this game is between 50 cents, €1, and €5. In this case, you can make a decision on the table limit according to the preferences and budget.

You can opt for different gaming options

Similar to the rules of traditional blackjack, a player can opt for gameplay options like hit, double, or stand options as per the gaming strategy he/she wants to use. The stake will be doubled after you press double. In case you receive another card, you press hit to start the game to deal again. To secure against losses, there is also an option to opt for the insurance bet.

At each level of Live Blackjack Party, you will have exciting features that will offer you good rewards.

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Name: Live Blackjack Party

Author: Darren Henley