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Online gaming has changed the whole concept of casino gaming and enhanced the fun and thrill of casino table games right from the comfort of your chair. And when it comes to live online gaming, Evolution Gaming uplifts the standard and fun of online casino games. Live Roulette is one of such online table game developed by Evolution Gaming. This game features a bunch of different roulette game.

Live Roulette Online Casino Game

Live Roulette has some variety of games on the table with some different features. Many of these games have one thing in common, which is a real dealer. These games have a real dealer speaking a different language depending on what language game you choose. The games feature country-specific roulette tables as well as a live dealer speaking the native language.  What difference every game features is the background of the game. Each game has a toolbar on the screen with multiple buttons and options. Using this toolbar you can communicate with the dealer and take decisions during the game.

In some of the games, a real dealer changes the direction of the wheel as well as a ball after every spin. This slows down the game a bit but increases the thrill. However, in remaining other games, the dealer spins the wheel in the same direction. This definitely takes a game to a faster pace.

Live Roulette has the following popular variants:

  • Live roulette with a dealer (in many different languages)
  • Immersive roulette
  • Automatic roulette (without dealer)

Look and Feel

Although each of this game has somewhat different background and animation, one thing every game has, which is an audio and a video quality of the game. Each game has a larger video feed and HD quality and the closer camera angles to capture the action make the whole game a cinematic and entertaining experience.

Apart from the look and feel most of the games mimic the classic European Roulette with all the main features and gaming options like inside and outside bets, and the call bets.

Final Words

Live Roulette casino games by Evolution Gaming are by far the best roulette games in terms of gameplay and playability. The games display the country-specific roulette tables and a live dealer speaking native language to make the players feel more comfortable and connected.

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Name: Live Roulette

Author: Darren Henley