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You can practically hear the fun times sizzling and crackling once you start up Sizzling Hot Roulette! It is made by Extreme Gaming and is one of the latest live dealer solutions in town. It offers a whole new take on the classic European roulette version by adding elements of video slots to it and is quite graphically pleasing.

Read on for a detailed overview and an explanation of the rules and regs.

Get Sizzled With Sizzling Hot Roulette

The Sizzling Hot Roulette is a standard single-zero roulette with all bet types being accepted. Players can thus make inside or outside bets, neighbours, call bets and more.

The house edge here is set at 2.7% and the featured payoff is identical to any other European roulette version. Apart from regular bets that are placed on the provided roulette table, players can optionally utilize a side bet.

The action in Sizzling Hot Roulette is live and streamed from a fully equipped studio via high-definition cameras. To the right of the screen are positioned various fruit icons that are vertically arranged. These icons comprise an orange, cherry, grapes, plum, watermelon, lucky sevens, and stars.

Once bets have been placed in Sizzling Hot Roulette, the reel showing the fruit icons -which form the side bet- and the roulette wheel simultaneously spins up, and the ball ends up landing on any random winning number located on the wheel. The reels on the fruit icons also eventually stop spinning and display their winning icons.

Making side bets in the Sizzling Hot Roulette merely requires that players click on the fruit or icons of their choice. These icons all pay out differently, with the Stars and Sevens being the most lucrative as they pay out at 80 to 1. Also, the side bets pay out regardless of whether or not the main roulette bet results in a win or otherwise.

Gameplay Settings

The featured action is streamed in HD by default. A small box contains the settings for adjusting the feed quality as desired. A live dealer chat function is fully supported and a couple of screens displaying game information and stats are provided.

By clicking on the provided stream box, players can change the video settings to a full-screen format for fully immersive gameplay. The video can as well be turned off if desired. When turned off, players are still allowed to place bets and can hear both the game sounds and anything else happening in the game.

Final Thoughts

Sizzling Hot Roulette has all the ingredients required for a right royal gameplay experience, can be rather immersive and offers an unprecedented level of fun, games, and thrills.

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Game Summary

Name: Sizzling Hot Roulette

Author: Darren Henley