Play Online Scratch Cards

With the rise of online casino games, there is a huge variety of gaming options that include mobile casino games, online slots and online scratch cards. Just like the slot games, scratchcards too can help you to get the opportunity to bag some instant prizes. As the name suggests, you can simply scratch off the tabs to reveal the underlying symbols and discover if you have won a prize. In the online scratchcards games, you will not be required to look around for a coin to scratch the symbols. These instant win games come in great variety, and you can make a choice based on your personal preference. Some scratch cards online bear a few panels that can be scratched off, while others entail multiple areas offering rewards.

Scratch Cards – Where it all begin?

The first scratch card games came up in the 1970s. They were an iteration of instant lottery tickets that were developed by a company called Scientific Games. This gave rise to the creation of scratch cards as we know them now. 

Currently, scratch cards have become popular across the world, especially to promote products and services and to raise money. The internet has made it possible to develop exciting online scratch cards games that can be accessed on multiple gaming platforms. Online casinos introduced online scratch card games in the year 2009 and was a big hit with all gamblers worldwide.

How to play online scratch cards?

The concept is quite a simple one as you merely must scratch the ticket that you get to find out what you have won. Some tickets offer big wins while some have relatively smaller rewards on them, and yet again some cards have no win. If you are fortunate you can take away big prizes. Playing online scratchcards is quite like playing slot games just like in a land-based casino. In the online casino mode, you will not have to wait for a fresh round; all you must do is get another ticket to scratch. There are some complex scratchcards too that feature special winning combinations in which you will be required to unravel a certain number of specific symbols on the ticket to score an instant win. Depending on your preference you can also change your bet size.

Bluefox Casino offers an attractive deposit bonus for signing up, and you can pick from a range of scratch games on our website. All you may need to do is to click on the scratchcards displayed on the screen to reveal the symbol. Based on the symbols you find, you could accordingly either scoop a small amount or bag a massive jackpot. Just in case you don’t win, you can try your luck again in this easy game.

Playing scratch cards online while on the move!

The most interesting aspect of playing online casino games and online slots is that it can be played on mobile devices from anywhere. Similar is the case of playing scratchcards as you can log in from any portable device of your choice and start playing any scratchcard title. The gameplay is enabled in a manner that you can simply rub it off with the help of the touchscreen and check for your hidden cash prize when played on mobile phones. Whether from home, café or while travelling, you can access the online scratchcards at our site from any place. We, at Bluefox Casino, offer all popular scratchcards, online slots, live casino games titles are regularly updated to keep our players satisfied.

You can play your favourite online blackjack or any other title that catches your fancy. Playing scratch cards with real money is easy on any online casino platform, and with your smartphone device, you can play loads of these enticing scratch games in the most convenient and easy way. Join us now and grab your amazing welcome offer!

The pros of playing online scratch card games

Online scratch cards are instant, interactive and user-friendly. There are numerous advantages when it comes to playing online scratch card games. Let us take a look at a few. 

1. Cost

You can’t buy online scratch cards from a shop like the traditional lottery cards. The shops use static prices to sell the cards. In that case, it is difficult to find cards that offer the lowest stakes. Online scratch cards, on the other hand, are available on varied stakes. You can choose anything from 0.10, 1.00, 2.00 to 10.00, and above. Say, for instance, you enter an online gaming site with $5. You can play online scratch card games with as low as $0.10, which can help you win up to $10,000. Remember, the goal is to invest less and enjoy more. This is one of the primary reasons why people love the concept of online scratch cards. 

2. Big payouts

With online scratch cards, the chances of winning a large amount of money are relatively high. Take, for instance, you have played at $0.10 and lost, in that case, you won’t be bankrupt due to the money, will you? Likewise, imagine, you hit the supreme jackpot in the game without having to invest a large sum of money. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make a massive win instantly? There is definitely no guarantee that you will earn a lot of money on online scratch cards. But, there is always a chance because in this case, you don’t have to pay fixed rates. You can pay according to your budget and just hope for the best. You may end up being lucky, you never know!

3. 24/7 Access

Online scratch cards are always available on the Internet, round the clock. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to explore the games. Just install the right app on your phone and play your heart out. There is no need to visit the corner shop and buy tickets. You could simply sit at the comfort of your home and start playing on the best online gaming sites. With advancing technology, playing online scratch cards is just a matter of a few clicks.

4. The ease of playing 

Online scratch cards are very easy to play. Players need zero skills to play the game, and the results totally depend on the players’ luck. This is one of the main reasons why non-gamers prefer these chance games. 

Playing online scratch cards is very easy; all the players have to do is place the bet, and the Random Number Generator software does the job. All players have to do is scratch the opaque surface off to see whether or not they were lucky. 

What does Bluefox Casino have in store for Scratch Card lovers?

Bluefox is indeed a perfect platform to explore and discover highly-engaging online scratch games on the go. You can instantly try your luck on a variety of online scratch card games.  

The players can take delight in all these online scratch card games on multiple gaming mediums including PC, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad. The games are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The joy of playing casino games based on luck from your couch is truly matchless. So, what are you still waiting for? Register now and get set for a spectacular online gaming experience at Bluefox Casino! Hurry!