A Detailed Guide to Multi-Strike Poker

A Detailed Guide to Multi-Strike Poker

Pokers come in several forms; whether it is the age-old Jacks or Better or a video Poker version. You can also go for a Bonus Poker or a Triple Play Poker, and try your hands in the quarters. Players are also growing their interest in another Poker version, which is commonly called the multi-strike Poker. IGT and Leading Edge Design have together developed this simple yet alluring game. This article will talk all about multi-strike Poker so that by the end of the article, you can be sure about this specific game. Take a note of all the details and try to understand the game. 

What’s with the Multi-Strike Poker Game?

The game has the base game of video Poker, like the traditional bonus Poker. The game is going to trick you in betting on one to all the four lines, instead of the option of a single hand. You must bet five coins for each of the lines. Bet the entire maximum available amount in the hope of winning something extra on a royal flush.

The trick here is quite simple. You must win the hand to progress on to the next. At first, this may sound a bit bad but the second part holds better news for the player. If you are able to reach the next hand, your payouts will double. 

Learn how to play Multi-Strike Poker

You will get all the details regarding the game in this section. So read it carefully to get a wide picture of the game. 

  1. You have to play for the denominations that you choose. So if you are choosing the quarters, you are going for normal video Poker. Choose your denominations properly. You can do some research to get a rough idea on the denomination chosen. 
  2. The maximum bet here is 20 coins, instead of the 5 coins. So you can lose all the coins if you by any chance, lose the hand. 
  3. On winning a hand, always go for the second hand. 
  4. If you are lucky enough to hit the third and the fourth hand, your payouts will double with each step. So on hitting the fourth hand, your payout will triple from the initial value. 

You can also get the help of a free pass if you are moving towards the next hand. But this is only possible when you have a free ride card in your gameplay. 

Such a ride card depends a lot on the level where you are playing. So if you are at level 1 to 2, it kind of becomes easier to get a free ride in comparison to level two to three. There can be a common probability of 8 per cent in level one. This can decrease to 7 per cent in level two and three. 

The best thing about the free ride is that it increases the probability of climbing up the level by 50 per cent. Therefore, if a player plays the multi-strike with a perfect strategy, there can be an increase of around 0.2 per cent in the payback percentage here in this game. So if a base game’s payback percentage is 98 per cent, it is going to increase to 98.2 per cent for a multi-strike Poker game. 

Know about Multi-strike Poker’s Strategy

You can guess the huge payout for this game. For instance, you start the game with some ten coin payout and two pairs. You then get the opportunity of having a straight pair of Jacks, that is again some ten coin payout. You get a 20 coin along with a Jacks’ pair on the third hand. The fourth welcomes you with another two pairs and a whopping 80 coins. 

So you get a total of 120 coins in the four consecutive hands, which is awesome as the payout doubles. 

A Few Multi-Strike Poker Tips and Strategies

Your payout changes with each progressive next level, thus pointing out the need of levelling up. Let’s elaborate the different multi-strike tricks and strategies with the help of an example. 

Let’s say that it is just your first level or in simpler words, it is the first hand with a Jack, while the other cards are mostly lower ranked. You have four cards to the straight. In multi-strike Poker, you don’t go straight but keep the Jacks, and wait for the next coming hand. It doesn’t matter if you get a lower payout in the beginning, as the payout increases twice with each level. You must always set a goal of making the most of the money. 

The other tip is to play for the entire 20 coins as you can win a better amount at the final hand. 

You can even take the help of any software to plan your video Poker tricks and strategies. 

The Different Variations of the Multi-Strike Poker

Multi-strike, as already discussed above, is more like a feature focusing on video Poker. The video Poker game on which the multi-strike emphasises will also play a big role in influencing the strategy of the game. You must keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to reach the next hand in the game and win way better payouts.  

This is a complete list of all the available multi-striker Poker games’ versions.

  1. Double Bonus
  2. Triple Double Bonus Poker
  3. Super Double Bonus Poker
  4. Joker Poker
  5. Super Aces Bonus Poker
  6. White Hot Aces 
  7. Double Deuces Wild
  8. Deuces Wild
  9. Double Double Bonus Poker
  10. Jacks or Better
  11. Bonus Poker Deluxe
  12. Double Bonus Poker

Each of these variations come with their pay tables.

What’s the conclusion with the Multi-Strike Poker?

Multi-strike Poker is quite a simple and amazing game that focuses entirely on the video Poker game. The returns or the payouts involved in the game are way better than the other Poker games, making it quite an interesting play. You should definitely try playing and winning the game. There is also an official multi-strike Poker website where you can play for free and get a clear understanding of the game. 

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Name: A Detailed Guide to Multi-Strike Poker

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