Famous Baccarat Superstitions

Gambling has a lot to do with luck and so the symptoms of being lucky give rise to rituals and superstitions. Baccarat is the game which is majorly based on luck hence the baccarat superstitions are discussed and seen quite often. These superstitions and rituals take for real strategies sometimes.

Famous Baccarat Superstitions

  • Blowing on Cards

Blowing on cards means actually blowing on cards. This superstition basically emerged from China, where they blow the cards in the hope of blowing away the bad number. In the east, there is a belief that the outcome can be changed by this. The player blows away the card when he feels the cards he has are not good enough to win. Players will often blow on the card in the hope of changing its value to their desired number. If that doesn’t work, you might even see someone stabbing a card with a ballpoint pen for extra good luck.

  • The Squeeze

This superstition is majorly practised in the land-based casino. This baccarat superstition is in concern with the revealing of cards. Originally the cards are dealt face down, but when the player decides to squeeze in the game the cards are dealt face down. The croupier will choose a player to reveal the hand that they have bet on – this is a slow and rather deliberate process, whereby the croupier will bend the first card upwards along one side, rotate 90 degrees then bend upwards along the adjoining side, each time revealing only the suit symbols along each edge. The number is concealed throughout this sequence with a carefully placed thumb. The idea is to build up anticipation and tension around the baccarat table, as players can gain a little information about the cards whilst the value remains a secret.

  • Wearing Red

The colour red represents joy and luck and so wearing red while gambling is considered to give a win. So you will often see people wearing red clothes in the casino while they play baccarat or at least they choose to have something that is red.

  • Tapping a Glass or Ashtray

Another unique ritual often practised at the baccarat table is tapping a nearby glass or ashtray with a pen. As previously covered, many baccarat players will come to the casino equipped with pen and paper. However, the pen may have another purpose besides writing. As cards are being dealt, you might see gamblers tapping a glass or ashtray with a pen, as they believe this ritual will bring them the cards they need.

  • Searching for Trends or Pattern Tracking

This you will get to observe in Macau, where the players have pen and paper on the table all the time. The players record the scores and outcomes and then they trace the pattern of outcomes. This gives them an idea about the well time of betting and then the bets will be placed at the same time.

  • Playing at The Same Dealer’s Table

For the superstitious baccarat player, choosing a table is an important ritual. If players experience several consecutive wins, they will not want to budge from that dealer’s table. Likewise, if they experience a bad session with a particular dealer they’ll believe the said dealer has brought them bad luck and are likely to pick up their chips and leave the table. Many baccarat players will have a particular croupier in mind when they enter the casino, and others they deem unlucky and wish to avoid. If their ‘lucky’ dealer is switched to an ‘unlucky’ one, they’re more than likely to leave the table when the dealers are switched.

  • Ripping Up Cards

Yes, there’s even more destruction in a game of baccarat than just the ritual of the squeeze. Many players in Macau and other parts of Asia will rip up the cards if they bet on a losing hand. Perhaps what’s even more surprising is that many casinos in Macau allow this – you might want to avoid giving this a try in the UK

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Name: Famous Baccarat Superstitions

Posted On: 03/07/2019

Author: Darren Henley