French Casino Game Boule

Casino games have been played for ages. Different games originated from different countries and regions are played across the globe now. These games have found their place in land-based formal casinos as well as online and mobile-based games, one of the games that are native to France is – La Boule. La Boule in English means ‘The Ball’. La boule is the old French game whose structure and rules are quite similar to that of roulette. Although it is an old game la boule is still available in some casinos in France. Roulette and La boule are similar in some of its ways of playing and the layout and also there is a round bowl with pockets designatecasino game of Rouletted by numbers. Apart from Roulette La Boule is not served by the Croupier but by a person called the Bouler. The ball, which is bigger than the one in Roulette which looks like a tennis ball, is spun around the bowl until it finishes in one of the pockets. The bowl itself is static.

French Casino Game Boule

Roulette is little complicated and hence La boule is made for easy playing, it is that cousin of roulette which was introduced because people found roulette as complicated. It is the less complex version of the roulette.

Layout of La boule:

La Boule has got only 9 numbers, 1, 3, 6 and 8 are black, 2, 4, 7 and 9 are red, the number 5 is yellow and has the similar function as zero in Roulette. If number 5 is spun then all even-money bets lose instantly. That’s the only difference between roulette and la boule, in roulette half of the numbers are red and the other half is black

How to play la boule?

La Boule looks similar to Roulette but is very- very easy to play. You don’t need to be too confused about bets on columns, streets, neighbours etc. These bets are basically made on even and uneven numbers which may be small or big and black or red. The numbers are from one to nine. If you bet on number 5, it is the same as betting on zero. Yellow being neutral, is the correspondent colour. In La Boule if the winning numbers turn out to be a ‘five’ then bets put on all even, uneven black, red, small, big numbers are lost. If some player is smart enough to guess the winning number, his bet on straight up is paid directly seven times more. The ratio of the stake for red/black, even/uneven and big/small is 1:1. In comparison to Roulette, the minimum betting amount in La Boule is smaller. The bets are stopped as soon as the dealer says “Rein ne van plus”, which is a French phrase. The meaning of this phrase in English is,” No more Bets”. The large wooden wheel is then spun by the dealer. The outcome of the spin is determined by the fact that in which depression the ball lands.

If you calculate and think carefully, you will find that there is a house edge of just 11.11 percentage on every bet. Isn’t it worse when you compare it with the casino game of Roulette? So choosing between Roulette and La Boule is a tricky task. When we talk about La Boule it is less confusing to play and helps you enjoy a lot. On the other hand, Roulette provides you with a better percentage of house edge on every bet. It all depends on which game one wants to invest in. Whatever the decision may, fun is guaranteed!!

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Name: French Casino Game Boule

Posted On: 26/05/2019

Author: Darren Henley