Explained: What is Burlington Bertie?

Being a successful gambler, be it for a weekend or as a career, requires a strong knowledge of a game’s odds and edges. Every game is unique in this regard, and it’s important you figure out how to minimize the house’s edge and give yourself the greatest advantage possible. Most gambling best practices revolve around having a basic understanding of probability and making wagers appropriate for the game situation. To place the probability on odds of winning and losing in the game one needs to understand everything about the game as well as the players, if you are betting on the football match the team on which you are betting should be well known for you to guess their probability of winning or losing, if you are betting on the horse race you need to know before the race that how many races the horse has won or lost and how. The odds of betting are depended on the knowledge about the team and game which you have before you place a bet. These odds are widely classified in many forms out of which Burlington Bertie is the bet where the odds are 10/3.

Explained: What is Burlington Bertie?

Burlington Bertie was a music hall composed by Harry. B. Norris in the earlier years of 1900.  It concerns an aristocratic young idler who pursues a life of leisure in the West End of London. Now the Burlington Bertie is also familiar in casinos which refers to the specific set of betting odds: 10/3. 

This name emerged from the rhyming slang, the betting odds of 10/3 is commonly displayed as 100/30 which sounds like Burlington Bertie when said in the very fast pace. Try saying it now!

Based on the probability of the outcome bookmakers make various bets depending on the odds of the outcome. These odds depend on many factors, the major factor is the game which is played and then comes on what factor of the game the player is betting. These odds are very simple to understand for example if a horse is bet on to win at the odds of 4/1, it means that the bookmaker predicts there is a one in four chance of a win. These chances are variable according to the probability and the situation of the game. If the horse that is bet on wins then the punter will win four times the stake that he had bet initially. Explained: What is Burlington Bertie?

In these odds of bets when a player places the bet of 10/3 that bet is Burlington Bertie. This means that the bookmaker makes the probability of the horse of winning three times in ten chances. 

Is it advantageous to place this bet?

The alignment guarantees higher odds since there is no margin put by the bookmaker. The margin of the bookmaker is the earning of the betting shop, which is not depended on the outcome of the match.

The term is frequently used when betting on horses and is part of the specialist tic-tac language traditionally used by bookmakers at a race track. Nowadays this term of Burlington Bertie is rarely heard but may still be used when a 10/3 bet is placed on the outcome of a hand of cards or roll of the dice, but it is true that it is becoming less frequent than a few decades ago.So next time you bet on horse racing or football don’t forget about Burlington Bertie. 

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Name: Explained: What is Burlington Bertie?

Posted On: 19/07/2019

Author: Darren Henley