Casino Cruise: An Alluring Gambling Destination At Sea

Casino Cruise: An Alluring Gambling Destination At Sea

Have you ever wondered about a gambling destination at sea? Well, if you are looking for a fascinating gambling experience, then go for a trip on a casino cruise once in your lifetime.

Along with bars, live music, theatres, etc. a wide range of gambling services are available in cruise ships to entertain the passengers. So it depends on the respective cruise, whether they allow any onboard gambling services or not.

Glimpse Of Casino Cruise?

Nowadays, gambling organizations are focusing on various aspects to expand their business overseas. When we think about a cruise ship with a gambling facility, what comes to mind? 

Definitely, it’s a jackpot for gamblers & other passengers to judge their luck in the middle of the water body. Though a cruise ship has other modes of entertainment & facilities, having a casino will enhance the experience of the whole journey.

What Sort Of Games Available In Casino Cruise?

Depending on the cruise ship management, varieties of online and physical gambling games are available onboard. Most of the ships have numerous slot machines, table games like blackjack and poker games as Caribbean studs, Texas Hold’em, etc. But some cruise ships don’t have Texas Hold’em and any kind of poker as well. So the only alternatives you will have are roulette, craps table, and Baccarat at some places.

Poker, Blackjack Or Slot Tournaments Onboard

Why not! When it’s about gambling, then casinos offer onboard tournaments. Most popular gambling tournaments are blackjack and slots. So it’s pretty simple, just pay a certain amount to start the game and don’t require to pay anything during the tournament. Many ships grant rebuy facilities during the tournament. So if you are continually buying chips and staying in the competition, then you will be the gainer. Even Royal Caribbean offers a free cruise for the tournament champion and cash rewards as well.

Minimum Age Criteria To Play In Casino Cruise

As per the rules and regulations by the US laws, most of the cruise ships have a minimum age limit of 21. But it depends on the guidelines of the cruise ship. The age limits may vary by the laws of the respective country and from where you’ve boarded the cruise ship. Because in the UK, the minimum age to play is 18. So always clarify with cruise ship management and your travel guide if you wish to gamble.

24/7 Availability Of Casino Cruise

The answer is nope because the cruise lines are available and open when the ship is at the port or sea where gambling is permitted. Generally, the cruise lines and gambling stay open until 2 to 3 A.M at night. So the gambling hours depend on the guidelines and schedule confirmed by the cruise. 

Cash Or Cruise Cards Which One Is Acceptable?

Nearly, most of the cruises accept the use of both cash and cruise cards. Your cash spend at the table will be converted into chips, or you can re-evaluate it from the cruise cards. In some cruises such as Windstar and Silversea, only cash is accepted. But cruises have ATM facilities so that you can take cash amounts to clear your bill fees.

Complimentary Drinks Or Need To Buy Them?

Drinks are always offered for free where the casinos such as Silversea, Regent, and Crystal have a free complimentary drinks service. But in most cases, you need to buy your own drinks just like in bars. If you are a VIP member or have any loyalty program rewards, then it might help you to get free drinks and foods. 

Not only in land-based gambling organizations, in reputed cruises, but they also have many loyalty programs. More you bet and earn rewards; you can use it for complimentary drinks, food, and other services. But you need to be quite sure about your financial status and budgets.

Is It Illegal To Smoke On Casino Cruise?

Generally, cruises don’t allow smoking on the premises. Most cruises like Carnival allow smoking facilities to their players. Few cruises such as Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Oceania, Regent Seven Seas, Seabourn, Silversea, and many more don’t have them smoking permissions; it’s strictly prohibited. But then again, you need to check the guidelines, rules, and regulations about smoking policies. 

Cruise Or Land-based Casino Which One Is Better?

First of all, it’s really hard to compare these two gambling sectors. Because they have their distinct features and advantages. Casino cruises are not only for betting and earning profits. But it’s a great source of entertainment and fun, especially for gamblers while sailing far into the water.

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Name: Casino Cruise: An Alluring Gambling Destination At Sea

Posted On: 13/06/2020

Author: Darren Henley