How To Deal When A Table Is Full Of Limpers

In the game of poker when you bet the absolute minimum amount just to stay in the hand, that is called as limp. Limping is frequently used when the little blind simply calls the big blind rather than rising. The limping is usually seen in the players who are beginners than the experienced ones because the beginners have quite less confidence about betting high. There can be poker limpers or limpers in other games. If there’s just one player limping it is not that tough to handle but if there are several players limping on the table then it might be a problem, and you might have to find a way out from so many limpers.

How To Deal When A Table Is Full Of Limpers

1. Raise with premium hands, and look to isolate the opponent.

If in the game you are lucky enough to have the pair of cards of Ax Ax, Kx Kx, Qx Qx or Ax Kx then you will obviously want to raise with these hands. Even if you have Jx Jx or 10x 10x then still you will definitely want to play. You will limp for some time but will raise after a few limps. The one thing that you can do is reducing the number of opponents to isolate that one opponent against whom you can play a strong hand. This cannot be easy to accomplish every time, sometimes it might be tough as well. All you need to do is play carefully and be mindful of the increased possibilities to improve among the multiple hands you’re facing.

2. Raise occasionally with medium-strength hands

If there is a situation where you cannot go for premium hands, throwing medium hands is the best game to play. If you are not concerned about isolating the opponent then it is quite okay to not go for best preflop, but you will need to improve in order to win at showdown. When you raise the preflop it seems like an aggressive move to the weak players. Your opponent might want to check to you after the flop, he will let you decide whether to continue the bet or take a free turn card. 

3. Limp behind with speculative hands

This move is a great risk-a-little win-a-lot situation. It is just an option to limp behind. If you do so you will get nice pot odds, and versus multiple opponents, if you do flop a set or turn a straight or flush, your chances of winning a big pot increases. If you happen to have a big hand then you should always bet high or raise the value. If you are making a big hand start making a pot because limpers are acutely loose and even passive and so they always have a tendency to check and call a lot more than betting and raising on their own.

So whenever you end up with the table full of limpers try to compare the preflop passivity to how each of these players tends to play after the flop. This will definitely give you your next move. You should be more mindful with your actions, and always have an idea about why you are betting or raising or checking or calling or even folding. Being conscious of these facts will surely make you not lose against the limpers.

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Name: How To Deal When A Table Is Full Of Limpers

Posted On: 15/02/2019

Author: Darren Henley