Double Double Bonus Video Poker: Detail Explanation

Double Double Bonus Video Poker: Detail Explanation

The Double Double Bonus Video Poker is a highly engaging game that offers higher bonuses on winning cards. It’s also known as DDB and is an iconic, feature-rich video poker game. It is also one of the top video poker games like Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Aces & Faces. The game has been widely acclaimed for its mega payouts and dry spells, which makes it an exciting variant of 5-card draw video Poker.

Rules and Tips

Double Double Bonus Video Poker has several variations, including 10/5, 9/6, 9/5, 8/5, 7/5, and 6/5. In all the variants, the Royal Flush is the highest paying hand, owing to the limited number of combinations that can bring about the hand, as well as its low probability of occurrence. For instance, in a game of standard 9/5 Double Double Bonus Video Poker, where 1 represents a 100% probability of landing any hand, the likelihood of getting a Royal Flush is 0.000025.

So, there is a lower probability of landing a Royal Flush than the other hands. Furthermore, the numbers also indicate that the likelihood of landing other hands like the Straight Flush or just a Flush is significantly low. There’s a 55% chance that a player won’t land any hand, let alone a Royal Flush, in this variant of Video Poker. In the 9/5 variant of the game, however, a player has the opportunity to enjoy a 97.7% RTP or Return to Player rate.

Game Strategies

Double Double Bonus Video Poker is a card game with many strategies and is played against a dealer. The dealer is a computer and not a live dealer. Each player deals 5-cards from a standard deck of 52-cards. The players decide on which card to hold by clicking on them during their turns. Once the player clicks a card, the hold banner is displayed on the screen. Players must decide on the cards they want to hold and which ones they want to discard. And while they are doing that, they can also select or unselect cards. One of the best strategies of Double Double Bonus Video Poker is to play simply by following all the basic rules.

Players can hold up to five cards depending on the strength of their hands. Once a player has finished drawing the cards, he may click the drawcard button to replace the deck with new cards. The game allows each player to redraw only once. So, after the players have selected the cards, the deck is shuffled. In all forms of the game, there is only one objective. And that is to form the best possible five-card hand. The Double Double Bonus Video Poker is similar to the game of Jacks or Better with some modifications in the payouts for specific hand combinations.

Using Kickers

In a game of Double Double Bonus Video Poker, you have something called ‘Kickers’ which are the fifth cards when a player lands a Four of a kind winning hand combination. Players usually tend to land the Four of a kind winning hand combination once in every 400 hands. However, the odds of landing a Four of a Kind Ace with a 2-3-4 kicker is much lower and occurs only once in every 16,000 hands. According to the rules of the game, players must hold Aces, 2s, 3s, and even 4s.

Experts also recommend that players hold four cards to a Flush and ¾ cards to a Royal Flush. If a player lands a Straight, they must hold at least four cards with 1+ high additional cards. Similarly, if a player has a low pair, he must draw three new cards by discarding the other three cards in his hand. Sometimes, players don’t get even a single pair on their first draw. There are specific rules for circumstances like these.

Players can retain those low pairs, keep four cards to a Flush, two unsuited High Cards, four cards to a Royal Flush, high pairs just as in a game of Jacks or Better, 3 of a kind, a Flush, a Straight, a Full House, or Suited High Cards, including Jack/10, Queen/10, and King/10.

So, try and stick to these strategies if you are new to the game of Double Double Bonus Video Poker. They should be able to help you in getting acquainted with the game. Although the game is a hit or miss for most players, one exciting thing about this form of 5-card draw video Poker is the high payouts you receive when you land a 4 of a kind. Likewise, many other combinations can get you high payouts, which is one of the primary reasons why many experienced players are attracted to this game.

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Name: Double Double Bonus Video Poker: Detail Explanation

Posted On: 17/04/2020

Author: Darren Henley