Drop Box: Casino Term Explained

A casino is a place where people come with a lot of cash in order to gamble, and the chips which players deal in return of the cash which gamblers use are equally expensive. Hence taking care of the security of these chips is very important, that is for what drop boxes are in the casinos. Drop box is an important piece of an asset in the casino because safety in any casino is important because who wouldn’t like some free chips to win the gambling. The greed of winning makes it important for taking proper measures like drop box in the casinos. Casinos are the place which is highly secured to avoid all kind of mal-practices that tend to happen, from theft to cheating, a good casino takes all possible measures to keep their player’s money safe and make gambling an enjoyable experience. So to avoid the crimes by both patrons as well as the staff things like drop box are the necessary factor in every casino.

Drop Box: Casino Term Explained

What is drop box?

Drop box is a metal case which is closed for meddling and safety purpose. It is used to prevent cash and chips from being theft and misplaced. This drop box is kept in a very safe place near the dealer while playing on the gambling table. The design and case of the drop box is very hard, it designed in the manner such as only the manager can unlock the drop box, no one else can try to unlock the drop box. Drop boxes are also used by the casino to avoid the theft of cash so that the dealer and croupier can be stress-free while managing the games in the casino.

How is it useful in the casino?

On the gambling table sometimes even the dealer plays in few games and in that case even the dealer needs to put the chips in the drop box, that is when drop box becomes useful because even the dealer is the part of the game and owes the chips to the casino. That is why drop box is very important in any casino.

What is drop?

Drop is referred to significant loss of any player or it can also be used by the player who wishes to fold or drop out.

In the case of poker, drop means the stake of the house. In poker, this happens many times that casino takes house stake out of the initial pot. This stake is what is known as drop. In easy words drop is nothing but the initial charges to play any game, it is a kind of fee. After you pay this initial fee player can start playing the game. The player needs to put the initial amount in the pot only once after that it is the player’s choice how much to grab from the pot during every bet. Many poker games include a house cut to cover the play and this is more commonly known as the ‘rake’. However, drop is a fairly common term for the same thing. These house chips are usually kept in the ‘drop box’ for security. Some games also include a jackpot or additional prize pot, and any cut was taken to fill this can be referred to as the ‘jackpot drop’. In the loosest sense, ‘the drop’ is just chips removed from the main playing pot for some other purpose. Most usually, it refers to those chips which are kept by the house.

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Name: Drop Box: Casino Term Explained

Posted On: 16/05/2019

Author: Darren Henley