5 Most Common Gambling Superstitions Across The Globe

5 Most Common Gambling Superstitions Across The Globe

If you are a regular visitor of land-based casinos, then, you might know about some popular gambling superstitions. Superstitions are nothing but some strong beliefs that has a strong influence where your luck is strongly involved in achieving or losing something. Gambling is one of them where you have to depend upon your fortune despite having adequate skills. Only skill will not be going to get you big hands in casinos. You need to have your luck as well. So, let’s dive deep to explore more about some of the very popular superstitions across the globe which are hardly denied by the gamblers.

Red is the Lucky Colour

The most common gambling superstitions in Asian gambling segment comes in colour. Most of the Asian gamblers believe that Red is the colour of fortune. Especially in China, people consider Red colour as the colour of good luck and prosperity. They even wear Red underwear, Red shoes, Red gloves, Redshirts and trousers in order to bring good luck while in the casinos for gambling.

Crossing Fingers and Crossing Legs

As per another belief in gambling, if you cross your fingers while playing at any of the land-based casinos, then it might help you to win big hands irrespective of your gaming skills. On the contrary, as per the other beliefs, if you cross your legs while playing in casinos, it may cost you a lot. In simple words, it is believed that crossing your legs during gambling brings bad luck for you and may result in a loss for you.

Leaving the Table or Not

There are many bettors who believe that it is good to leave the casino table while playing games in the casino. They strongly believe that it helps them to be fortunate enough by winning bets. However, there are so many bettors who do not believe in it; rather they do just the opposite. They are rather afraid to leave casino tables as they think that it may bring bad luck for them if they leave the table in the middle of the game.

Counting the Money at the Table

Another gambling activity that most of the gamblers avoid doing is counting the money that they won at casino tables while playing games. Especially in card games like Blackjack, players have strong weakness in this. They fear to count money at the casino tables as they believe that it can decrease their chance of winning in the upcoming bets.

Lucky 7 and Unlucky 13

You might be aware of the several numbers which are believed to be good or bad for someone. But the number 7 and 13 is the universally known numbers which are absolutely related to luck. The first one is believed to be lucky, and the other one is believed to be unlucky. Like in casinos, as well, the number 13 is considered to be an unlucky number. Bettors or gamblers fear this number as they believe that it may cost them much.

On the other hand, number 7 is considered as the luckiest number to the bettors as they believe that it brings prosperity. If you are playing casino games like Slots or Blackjack, you would always try to avoid the number 13 and prefer number 7. No matter, if you are playing at any of the land-based casinos or mobile casinos, the preference may remain the same for the numbers.


The above list of superstitions is not the final list at all. There are many more. It depends upon the gamblers and their weaknesses. Although the mentioned list is much famous in the arena of gambling across the globe. It was formed long back, and it will exist in the future as you can improve your skills but can’t improve your fate or fortune. Gambling is a kind of thing which mostly depends on your luck, no matter how experienced you are or how much skills you have. At the end of the day, you will only win if your luck stays with you.

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Name: 5 Most Common Gambling Superstitions Across The Globe

Posted On: 15/12/2019

Author: Darren Henley