Explore the Most Common Types of Online Slots


Online slots have proved to be an entertaining casino game since its inception. The easy-to-understand rules and the level of fun it offers are the main reasons for its increasing popularity. Moreover, the exciting animations, graphics, and sound effects make the online slots more interesting for the players. If you are interested in playing online slots, you must have an idea of the different types. Let’s explore the common types of slot games you can engage in.

  • Classic Slots

Classic slots are one of the most common types of slot games. If you are someone with simplicity in gaming, classic slots are the perfect option. These slot machines resemble the original slot machines. They come with three reels and have one horizontal payline. However, several online 3-reel slots also have three, five, or more paylines. The symbols present on the reels of these slot machines are mostly fruits such as lemons, oranges, and cherries. But they also do consist of additional features like bells, lucky sevens, and bars.

The simple design of the classic slots enables more players to have fun. Even if you do not have much experience in online slot casino games, you are sure to enjoy them. But a point to note here is that the 3-reel slots come with limited betting options.

  • Progressive Slots

Another prominent type of slot game available is progressive slots. You can easily find this variant on reputed casino platforms. These slots have a huge progressive jackpot attached that grows incrementally. Some portion of the bets placed by each of the players goes to the overall pot. So, it keeps accumulating over a period of time. The lucky player who wins the game gets the life-changing prize.

The lucrative jackpot of the progressive slots usually attracts more players to the game. In case you are planning to engage in online slots, it is worth noting that you need to place the maximum bet amount. Only doing so will make you eligible for the massive prize amount.

  • Multi-Payline Slots

The multi-payline slots come with more than three reels. No doubt, these games offer a lot of fun and entertainment to enthusiastic players. However, these online slots can be a little complicated to understand. So, there is a chance that inexperienced players may find the game to be a little confusing.

The number of paylines can vary between 9 to 100. These games mostly have diagonal, vertical, or V-shaped paylines, instead of the regular horizontal paylines. In such games, there is a chance that more than winning combinations may appear at the same time. Moreover, the number of symbols present is also much higher.

The multi-payline slots are ideal for daring casino players who are ready to take risks. If you are on a tight budget, try to spread your bet on the available paylines and avoid betting on a few lines with higher amounts.

  • 3D Slots

The 3D slots are a comparatively new type of slot game online. Reputed software providers such as Betsoft and NetEnt offer 3D slot games to the players. The exceptional animations, sound effects, graphics, and interesting features make the 3D slots more appealing to the players. Moreover, the themes of these games are also quite impressive. While some of the themes draw their inspiration from the comic series, others are inspired by movies like Bridesmaids and Terminator.

To enjoy these online slot games, having access to stable internet connectivity is at the core. The storylines of the 3D slots are usually complex. In order to progress through the story, you need to keep unlocking different levels. Cross compatibility is another beneficial feature of 3D slot games. That means you can play them on your mobile devices and desktops and enjoy a similar experience.

  • Megaways Slots

When it is about the types of slot games online, you cannot forget the Megaways slots. One of the aspects that distinguish this game from the others is that it provides the players with several ways of winning. It consists of a random reel modifier that pops up more icons on the reels, thereby increasing the winning opportunities for the players. This online slot game comes with six reels. The icons can land on each of the reels a maximum of seven times.


Online slot games are here to stay for years. It is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining games you can engage in. By now, you must be well aware of the different types of slot games online. While playing mobile slots, make sure to choose the best casino platform for the optimum experience. Consider the availability of games, the reputation of the site, and payment options when selecting the right casino website.

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Name: Explore the Most Common Types of Online Slots

Posted On: 15/12/2022

Author: Darren Henley