10 Most Exciting Questions and Answers about Roulette Game

10 Most Exciting Questions and Answers about Roulette Game

If you have ever landed in any popular live casinos, then you might be aware of the game of Roulette. The Roulette game is no doubt the most popular online casino game, which mostly depends on luck. You need not be a mathematician to play this casino game. If your primary motive is fun playing, then Roulette could be the best online casino games for you. Today, we are going to discuss the 10 most exciting questions about the Roulette game that you may be willing to know. Check them out below.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino fun games in the casino industry. The name “Roulette” originated from French. It means “a little wheel”. This game is also called “the game of fortune” as any strategy cannot guarantee you the winning. 

What is the main motive of Roulette?

For the real bettors, it is the first choice to them as this casino game is very easy to play and can provide you with both the fun and rewards at the same time. The main motive of this casino game is to spin the wheel and wait until the ball lands at the desired number. If the rolling ball lands at the desired number then you can win the bet.

Has Roulette been in existence since long back?

Yes, the game of Roulette had been in existence since long back. The game was first introduced in the seventeenth century in France. And after that, it became popular in the casinos of the whole world, especially in England.

Is Roulette the most famous American casino game?

Although it is complicated to answer, as per the outcome of several surveys, the Roulette holds the second position in the base of popularity among the American casino games. Blackjack holds the first position.

How many types of Roulette existed?

Well, there are mainly two types. The basic difference is in zeros in the wheel. The rest of the game is the same. The American Roulette has two green zeros, and the European Roulette has only one green zero in the wheel of fortune.

Are the house edges the same between two types?

No. Actually the house edge differs from each other. In the European Roulette, the average house edge is almost 2.70 percent whereas in the US Roulette it is nearly 5.26 percent. That means if your wagered amount is $100, then you may commit a loss as per the said ratio of percentage. Therefore, the probability of losses is almost double in the US Roulette compared to the European one. 

Are all the Roulette bets consist of the same house edge?

No. The Roulette bets come with different house edges. Few bets are there, where the house edge is quite high whereas few bets are there too, where the house edge is quite low in both the European and the US Roulette.

What are the best and worst house edges you can get in a Roulette game?

In the US Roulette, there is a bet being called “The Monster”. This bet comes with an average house edge of 7.89 percent. That means your probability of losing this bet is 7.89 percent which is a bit higher. 

On the contrary, In the European Roulette, there is a bet being called “En Prison” which has an average house edge is the lowest with 1.35 percent. This bet is considered as one of the best bets in the Roulette game.

What is the “biased wheel” in Roulette?

“Biased wheels” may have existed long back when the land-based casinos weren’t so advanced. In the old land-based casinos, it wasn’t so uncommon that you could get a damaged Roulette wheel which gives the same result in almost every bet. But nowadays, with the advancement of land-based casinos, this is almost rare. And if you are thinking about online Roulette, then it is quite impossible as the outcome given by the machines are random each time you play the game.

Are there any strategies that can assure you winning a bet in Roulette?

I’m very sorry to say that there are no such strategies in the Roulette game which can guarantee you to win a bet. The wheel of fortune only gives you winning hands if your luck favors. Yes, there are a few strategies that you can apply while playing to increase the probability of winning the bets. But never expect that those will work for you for sure. Those so-called strategies will only work if you have your fortune with you. Therefore, it is for your convenience, if you are going to play the Roulette game, always keep in mind the risk associated with this game.

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Name: 10 Most Exciting Questions and Answers about Roulette Game

Posted On: 09/05/2020

Author: Darren Henley