Multi Line Slots: Explained

Slot games have undergone a massive facelift with time. The classic slot machines used to have 3 reels with a single pay line and functioned mechanically before the advent of the video slots. Despite the availability of multi-line slot, a lot of players still prefer the single-line slots. Thus, they continue to exist even at online casinos. The new generation of players, however, see things in a different light and often see the additional lines as enhanced winning opportunities.

Multi Line Slots: Explained

The perks of multi-line slot

Multi-line video slots add a dash of excitement to online slot gaming. With a plethora of features that keep players glued to the screens, there’s much that can be picked from the wilds and scatters on the reels. The slot machines with higher paylines usually flaunt 5 reels versus the traditional 3 reels. Each time you play on a multi-line slot, the coin you play with will trigger a line for you. That’s big! It means that if you play with 25 win lines, you will bet with 25 coins to make all the lines active. Any line which is not enabled will not give you wins even if you land a winning combo on it. Remember, you can hit winning combos on multiple lines even with a single spin.

The role of Paytables

Slot games may not require strategizing but a little calculation before you hit spin. You will have to choose the coin size, the number of bets and bet amount per line. This will determine your total bet and if you choose to bet on more lines you will have a greater number of winning opportunities. The bigger your bet size the higher the payouts each time you win. Get the Maths correct to increase odds of winning!

Multi-line slots and bankroll

It’s likely that you exhaust your bankroll when playing multi-line slot, there are several ways you can slow down this process. If you are already familiar with slot games you might be aware that maximum bets reap maximum cash rewards and this is especially applicable to all jackpot slots. However, you can always select smaller coin or bet on a lesser number of lines or a lesser number of coins and enjoy smaller payouts. If you want to last your bankroll for long, it’s a good idea to play the lower denomination multiline slot.

One of the pros of playing at popular online casinos is that you get to select from a range of options whether it’s the theme, features, betting range and hours of play before you begin your reel race on the choicest multi-line slot. At Bluefox Casino, you can try an array of multi-line slot from the extensive catalogue such as Jimi Hendrix, Joker Pro, Planet of the Apes, Starburst, Koi Princess and many more popular online slot games.

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Name: Multi Line Slots: Explained

Posted On: 06/10/2018

Author: Darren Henley