Slots glossary: What does it mean?

Slots glossary: What does it mean?

The slot glossary is a very easy and the most efficient learning curve for understanding the basics of demo rounds. The process contains serious slots that are extremely based on common machine games and some very usual right terms. The understanding and the beneficial bonuses are further discussed with the most favorite brief and concise slot machine terms. The online slot machines undergo through the main objective behind the purpose, and the pocket scenario of the highly intuitive designs blast it out. A certain amount of machine practices takes the culture into the most efficient and the right terms comprehending the pocket amount. This article aims to give you detailed information on the important slot terms, which are exclusively blessed with familiar and concise forms. 

The most important slot machine terms you must know about! 

Action or play:

These terms are considered very specific in the case of slot machine terms. These action terms refer to the total amount of money that has been placed for a specific and fixed duration of time. Almost all the machines accept the cards by themselves and the amount of money being bet in a session undergoes towards the playing scenario. The inbuilt ability doesn’t keep the session accepted but holds the power of money and card with a very specific and quality approach. 

Slot Machine Bank:

The slot machine bank is an amazing slot machine term important to keep the standards of playing with the grouping terms like the herd of cows and sloth of bears. The grouping is done in a row format, just like in the typical casino as a slot machine bank. 

Auto spin:

This feature is involved in some machines which are unique from the listed slot machines terms and suggests the name to spin and further bet for the perfect spin correlation. It’s also allowed for you to set the spin according to your choice, whether you want to go further for triggering or just watching the wheels of the spin. 

Min Bet:

The min refers to the minimum slot machine terms, and hence, the minimum bet refers to the minimum amount of money that you need to bet per spin. Also, this minimum money amount varies from spin to spin. Various slot practices spin for high rollers to have a high value set for the minimum bet. 

Max Bet:

Just like the minimum bet amount, some slots also own a maximum bet amount, which refers to the maximum amount of the money required to bet per spin. In this case, you are not allowed to place a bet higher in value than the maximum bet for the specific slot machine. 

Bet max:

This is an amazing feature easily from the slot machine terms, which quickly finds out the machine to place the maximum allowed bet for the spin. However, this isn’t ideal for someone who is looking for some of the inexpensive fun slots. 


Reels is a very effective word that is featured for very modern slots and which refers to the rows in a slot machine terms game. Further on, the slots have their count of reels accordingly, like some have five reels, some slots have three reels, and some have only one reel. 


The multipliers are bliss! They are uniquely featured in most modern slots and are represented by a digit and further to the X mark—for example, 2X, 3X. Also, the multipliers multiply your winnings by a digit, and a lot of people win the synchronous amount of money using multiplier terms. 


Wilds are also the featured slot terms that are commonly featured in most modern land-based and online slot machines. Wilds can undergo the joker card, and however, they are defined by some very specific variations on the rules from slot to slot just to make sure to find two or more scatters on the reels even if the winning outline is not clear.


The very specific scatter like wilds and multipliers are very common features varied into most of the slot machine games. They usually scatter the results with amazing rewards, and a highly introducing winning pay scale to hold the designed level of bonus is specified highly in slot machine terms. Also, the more number of scatters allows the reels to flow anywhere in their way of flowing style. 

Bonus symbol:

The Bonus symbol is a unique symbol used to design the slot for the bonus symbol techniques. This usually transmits the set of instant cash rewards, free spins, or some usual other types of specific slots. 

Free spins:

The free spins are a crowded slot among the slot spins. On using free spins, you are allowed to spin the reels without placing any bet, and hence, people love free spins. Also, this helps you to make money using paying any initial bonus amount on the line. However, the free spins are mostly placed to spin the slots and to bet out to lead the free spins for the next slot machine terms. 


The payline refers to the maximum number of combinations that result in winning a spin. You just need to remember the simple slot forms of payline and to pay money with specific slot machine terms in nature. 

Progressive jackpots:

The progressive jackpots are the slot machines where payouts can be something very specific and incredibly unique to hold the pretty amazing powers over the hand in describing slot machine terms. This is because the players move on the slots and win or cash out, which is about all the money and when someone eventually wins. Moving further to the progressive jackpots, the outputs go big, and the chances of winning increases. 


The RTP stands for Return to Player rate, which goes with a perfect sequence of reviewing the levels over a continuous slot machine. Also, the RTP essentially refers to the percentage at which the slot over the life could have an RTP of 95%.

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Name: Slots glossary: What does it mean?

Posted On: 25/01/2021

Author: Darren Henley