The Must-Move Situation

What does must move to mean?

In the game of poker, must move is a situation when a prominent or big game is played and there are players to join the game, that’s when must move comes in action.

When does must move situation occur?

The ‘must-move’ situations often appear in elimination games that means, when a player in the main game leaves, the next player on the must move list must move to the main game or go home. Usually, these situations occur when players are asked to leave the game they are playing, to move up to a bigger game like the one at the main table. Few or all the players have a possibility to be picked to play at the main table. This happens frequently in contests, tournament poker, exclusively in ‘knockout’ or ‘elimination’ style of games where each player wishes to be the last one. They usually do this to protect the players in the main game.


Why does a must move situation occur?

This situation of must move mainly happens because the card room in the casino wants to protect the main room of games. Eventually, this main game loses players with time either through busting out and having no chips left to play or by choosing to leave the table where this is allowed. And hence to keep the game going on and to keep the stakes high and seats occupied fresh players are brought every time to fill the seats that the earlier players left.

How can you play must move?

There are several ways to play the game of poker and each casino or the card room will have its own set of the rules. Usually, there will be a number of different games going on at the same time. During most nights at these casinos, there will be one main game which is played and several other smaller games at the tables surrounding the main one. And if the players are waiting to join this main game, they might take part in a situation known as a ‘must-move’ where they can play while they wait.

Sometimes players don’t wish to move from the must move games because they are usually much softer and easier games. At times many players cannot even make it to the main game because they break at the must move game itself. And so in order to move to the main game, you ought to win the must move games and then switch to the main games in the casino.

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Name: The Must-Move Situation

Posted On: 10/01/2019

Author: Darren Henley