Online Casino Jet Setting – The new way for players

Online Casino Jet Setting - The new way for players

COVID19 has compelled so many countries and people to be in lockdown and quarantined, thereby causing an explosion in the popularity of online casino gaming over the last few weeks. Millions of people, especially those who are used to sports betting and casino games, recently transferred to both classical and new digital games. These may be good news for gaming operators and platforms but are even better news for the players. Companies are doing their best to attract as many new customers as possible, giving out unprecedented bonuses and options. This led to a new phenomenon of online casino jet setting, where players are not loyal to a single platform or provider, but rather jump from one to the other. Whichever platform is willing to provide better bonuses will be the one chosen. For the industry as a whole, this is a good thing. In the old days, players were mostly superstitious and loyal to the platform they started with but the new age gamblers are not. They are open to experimentation and playing with different operators which are pushing companies to be honest, play fair, and offer quick withdrawals.

Global Demands

While some may believe that there is still some validity in a business model focused on a single market, the ease of how languages can be changed between the games are making it quickly obsolete. There is a global market out there, and players can even use their browsers to translate from languages they do not even speak. Hence the directive for gaming operators here should be that they need to supply the demands of the global market, and not only their local players. As new players are not yet familiar with all of the games, the biggest benefit drawing them towards the platforms is the bonus offered. Some monetary incentive to secure their bets and make the games last longer is the most coveted thing of all. Other visible benefits like free spins and demo accounts are also a good feature to have and increase the traffic for platforms that offer them significantly. They are also something reported by independent internet casino reviewers, reducing the possibility that some players will not be adequately informed about any of the benefits.

Finally, once the players spend some time familiarizing themselves with the platform, there is the RTP. The ‘Return to Player’ is not calculated for both adjusted and unadjusted games, with reviewers figuring out how better are the chances of more experienced players that can use all of the benefits of the game. It is predicted that RTP will become the biggest selling point for specific digital gambling games soon.


New players will always focus on the bonus, and it is a good idea for operators to offer credit bonuses and free spins and games sporadically even for already registered members. This way they will be able to retain them for longer. If not, the moment the bonus is up, they are out of the door and off to the other operator, probably playing the same game.

Quick Games and Withdrawals

With the global demand for the RTP to be as high as possible, operators can no longer focus on long games with lower chances to win for the player. Additionally, most new players do not want to spend a lot of time and might only play for 10 to 15 minutes. Because of this change in behaviour new games housed on the platforms need to be faster and adapted to playing from a smartphone. Additionally, the only way players will trust their platform is with a quick withdrawal. Fast paying casinos have a much better retention rate and see players returning time after time. And by incorporating different payout gateways the players can be lured even more. Also, the pay-n-play function is convenient for many players. The player can have their money deposited directly from their account over a trusted middleman program and play their game in seconds, without needing to commit a lot of money at once.

Gaming over Gambling

The new generation of people coming into online casinos to play digital gambling games are mostly there for fun. The several years of effort by governments, agencies, and good gaming companies have bore results and now there are gamers rather than gamblers. For players this is beneficial because there is a smaller chance that they will make a mistake and wager money they do not have, leading towards addiction and other problems. But, this is also good for honest gambling platforms as people visiting for entertainment purposes rarely expect to win big and become rich overnight. This means that as long as the game is providing them with entertainment, they do not mind losing even most of the time, provided that the game is fair.

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Name: Online Casino Jet Setting – The new way for players

Posted On: 27/06/2020

Author: Darren Henley