Scatter Symbols on Online Slot Games – A Quick Glimpse

Scatter Symbols on Online Slot Games - A Quick Glimpse

A slot game machine features several different symbols on the reels which reward you when you line up three or more of them on a pay line. Some symbols are designated as special symbols which will lead to bigger gains or open up bonus games, and these are often referred to as scatter symbols. 

Scatter symbols are usually the most important and are often representative of the overall theme of the game. They are known to be among the most loved offers. They may not be a new idea, but their use in today’s slot games is revolutionary. But many newcomers to the online casino do not know what scatter symbols are. Nor do they know how important and powerful these little symbols can be. That is why this blog here will take you through the meaning of scatter symbols in slot game machines, so you know exactly what they are and how to get the benefit from them.

How Do Scatter Symbols Work?

The symbols sit on the reels of a slot that spin like any other machine. Yet while most symbols have to be lined up with similar ones from neighbouring reels, the scatters have a mind of their own. As their name suggests, they scatter themselves across the reel and can be combined anywhere.

When the correct number of scatters land on a spin, this triggers a bonus feature. These can be free spins or an interactive bonus game. Rules governing scatters differ in different games, so it is important to check the paytable before playing. It is common to find three or even more scatter symbols appearing on the reels, hence resulting in wins being multiplied.  

What Do Scatters Look Like?

Scatters are usually very noticeable as they are one of the big symbols. But they are different for every slot machine game and you have to keep your eyes on the game to make sure you spot them. Scatters are likely to look eye-catching, so expect to see gold and shiny scatters. Many scatters also continue with the theme of the game. 

Do All Casino Slots Have Scatters?

Most five-reel slots in online casino slot game machines have scatters. This is a standard bonus feature. Though scatters are not the only way casinos offer bonus features on slot machines. However, if you play on three-reel slots then scatters are not as common. 

How to Know If a Slot Game Has Scatters?

You will easily know this if you check the paytable. A slot’s paytable has information about the signs. This includes all the scatter symbols available and the wild and bonus elements. You will also know how these features work in that game and how they lead to bonuses.

Do Scatters Work Within Free Spins?

One of the big bonuses that scatter symbols offer is free spins. If you secure a batch of free spins then the chances are that scatters will be excluded from this section. 

The Original Scatter Symbol

On early traditional fruit machines, the original scatter symbol was the red cherries. The cherries were not bound by the same restrictions as other symbols.

The Digital Slot Games

The slot designers developed a more intricate set of rules for slot game machines controlled by computers. Among them was the bonus features. Most bonus features are usually activated when a certain number of scatter symbols are hit in one spin. These days, the bonus rounds could be anything from free spins to completely interactive bonus games, and it is even possible to pile up the bonus features in some newer slot machines. For example, you can get rewards from two active bonuses all at once.

The Video Slot Games

Scatters on video slots are often animated and will come to life when they land on the reels. Many slots now feature video streaming and 3D graphics, and when three scatter symbols land and lead to a bonus round, it’s not unusual to see video clips and animations that take you into the bonus game.


Scatters amplify many online slot games, as they are the key to triggering bonus rounds with features like free spins and mini-games. However, as mentioned earlier, the specific details of the possible gain from scatter symbols vary from slot to slot. But in short, you know they are fruitful regardless of where they land on the screen, and that, in itself, makes it an exciting slot symbol to look out for.

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Name: Scatter Symbols on Online Slot Games – A Quick Glimpse

Posted On: 12/01/2020

Author: Darren Henley