Easy Card Counting Systems You Can Learn

Thankfully, learning basic blackjack strategy is a relatively straightforward matter. This in fact merely requires memorizing a simple strategy card and then applying it to the game.

However, to assure consistent wins at blackjack, card counting systems are absolutely required. Done rightly, card counting lets players judge with a fair amount of accuracy the probability or otherwise of an occurrence and make bets accordingly.

Easy Card Counting Systems You Can Learn

All professional blackjack players count cards and this is, in fact, the only way to have an advantage over the casino. Card counting is not as difficult as is popularly assumed and there are in fact quite a few card counting systems that are tailored for newbies to the blackjack scene. These are as follows:

1.The OPP Card Counting System: This is possibly one of the easiest card counting systems out there and merely requires keeping count of the low-value cards. It works this way: once the shoe is begun, players start off with a +6 count. One should be subtracted for all hands in play- the dealer inclusive. So, supposing that there are two players with you, all that’s needed is to remove 4 from the card count, thereby leaving +2. Using this card counting system results in an upward trend in the count, making it necessary for the player to take into account the number of decks left in the shoe when considering a bet increase.

2. The Red Seven: This was pioneered by bestselling author and blackjack hall of fame- Arnold Snyder. It is regarded as the best professional-grade card counting system in existence based on its simplicity. Here, there is no need for players to make the running count a true count. As well, the decks in play are factored in by default as is it an unbalanced count. In this system, players are required to focus on all sevens that are dealt.

3.Knock-Out Blackjack: This is regarded as the easiest card counting system ever. In this system, the count is unbalanced like the Red Seven, the Seven is regarded as a low card and all decks are concluded using a count of +4. Due to its unbalanced nature, bet sizes in this system are increased when there is +2 times the number of decks in a shoe.

All the above card counting systems are both simple and effective. Which one is used will depend on the peculiarities and needs of individual players.

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Name: Easy Card Counting Systems You Can Learn

Posted On: 05/11/2018

Author: Darren Henley