When is the term Stand Off Used in a Casino?

The term ‘Stand Off’ is used in a casino when there is a clash between two casino players or between the player and the dealer. It is also used to indicate that there is a tiebreak situation, where two players have to draw for a win or in other words, where two high cards are used against each other. Well, as an active verb, ‘Stand Off’ refers to call for a bet and this is particularly used in the game of Poker.

 When is the term Stand Off Used in a Casino?

What Does Stand Off Represent?

Irrespective of the type and form of the game, the term ‘Stand Off’ is used to represent the battle between two players in a casino. The very same term is also used to describe the tie between two players or between the dealer and the players. With respect to some of the casino games, an additional card is drawn during a tie and the high card drawn is played.

In Poker, a player is be said to ‘stand off’ when they hold back from a bet and opt to call. The ‘call’ in the game refers to a minimum bet or the value of the last raise made, depending on how previous plays are made. It is the lowest bet possible in some games unless the option to ‘check’ or ‘skip’ without betting is active. A call represents a player’s desire to stay in and check the next round and avoid any battles for the pot at this stage. The word ‘call’ is used to refer to the players with an average hand, players underplaying a strong hand and players hoping to ride out the round without being forced to bet high.

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Name: When is the term Stand Off Used in a Casino?

Posted On: 06/04/2019

Author: Darren Henley