What are the 5 most common Blackjack mistakes to eliminate?

What are the 5 most common Blackjack mistakes to eliminate?

There is no denying that Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games among the bettors. The reasons for its popularity is based on two primary factors. First, it is very exciting and easy to play compared to other casino games. Second, it provides the best odds of winning for the strategic players despite having its strong “luck-based.” factor.

Although Blackjack itself is a luck-based game, still you can have the best chance of winning some good hands if you play it strategically. You can’t get control over your luck but for sure, you can have control over the strategies. So, you have to be a bit careful in applying the strategies while playing Blackjack.

Here in this article, we have pointed out 5 most common Blackjack mistakes that you must eliminate to increase your winning chances.

Opting for a 6:5 odds:

Opting for a 6:5 odds instead of a 3:2 could cost you much bigger than you think. Most of the casino players think (even experienced) that opting for a 6:5 table is beneficial for them in the Blackjack table. However, in actuality, it is nothing but a myth and mathematically not correct at all. An example can clear this view in a far better way.

Suppose you bet for $100 and opted for 6:5 odds, then in this scenario, the maximum probable pay-out that you can get is $120. But in the 3:2 odds table, if you bet the same amount of money, then there is a chance that you can win a pay-out of $150. Therefore, don’t let others make you fool. Always opt for the 3:2 odds instead of 6:5. And if you don’t get the option of 3:2 odds in the Blackjack table then it is better to say a big “No” for the game and walk away.

Choosing for the Insurance:

Opting for the insurance in Blackjack is considered as another big mistake in strategic playing. The said scenario comes into play when the face-up card of the dealer comes as an Ace. In this scenario, you can have an option to pay half of your total bet amount for an insurance cover. If you lose, this feature of taking insurance will cover your losses at a 2:1 ratio. But if you see it in the long run, you can easily realize that the dealer is getting more benefit out of this feature rather than you. And the above statement is not imagination; instead, it is mathematically proven. So, Next time, when you go to play Blackjack, never think of taking insurance for the long run as it is not beneficial for you in any aspect.

Choosing for a continuous shuffling machine:

Some of the casinos use continuous shuffling machines for speeding up the game. That enables a dealer to not slow up the game due to repeated reshuffling. Although, initially it seems that it is speeding up the game and it’s beneficial for the casino players. But the actual scenario is a bit different. With this feature, you are not getting benefitted at all; rather, it increases the chances of your loss.

The actual reason behind it is, the Continuous shuffling machines speed up the game by 20% compared to traditional machines. That means, if a traditional Blackjack machine gives 80 hands per hour, the CSM will give 100 hands instead. Now the question arises how being a player you are getting impacted for this? The answer is very simple.

Suppose 1% is the house edge of the casino.

Your bet is $10 per hand

In a traditional Blackjack machine, you are playing 80 hands per hour. So, the total amount that you are investing in the game is ($10*80) = $800

So, the total theoretical losses that you can commit in this scenario is $8

On the other hand, if you bet $10 per hand for 100 times per hour then the total investment would be ($10*100) = $1000.

Hence, your theoretical loss that you can commit here in this scenario is $10.

Therefore, statistically, you must avoid CSM in Blackjack at any circumstances to decrease the chances of losing money.

Opting to stand on soft 17:

This is one of the most common mistakes in Blackjack to opt to stand on soft 17. It is advised to you that never stand on soft 17 while playing Blackjack. A soft 17 means a cohesion of Aces which is valued as 11 and 6. Initially, it may seem that this is a good opportunity for you if you stand here in this hand. But in actuality, you are not going to win hands instead you have a better chance of losing your hard-earned money here if you don’t hit. Therefore, always try to hit in such circumstances rather than standing.

Choosing to not make a double on 11:

The term “Doubling” in the game of Blackjack refers to the initial process of doubling your initial bet for which you are going to receive another card for your existing Blackjack hand. The most common rule here is to always double down on 11 as there is a very high chance that you may get a 10. Therefore, in this scenario, don’t stand on soft 17 instead double down your hands rather let the dealer stand on soft 17. With this trick, you can have a better chance of winning a hand rather than anything.


The above mistakes are not everything in the game of Blackjack but the very biggest and common in nature. Especially if you are among the newcomers in the casino industry, then you must be aware of the said mistakes to win hands in Blackjack. Always remember one thing that although the game of Blackjack has a deep impact on your fate but still with the right strategies, you can make it even better. And lastly, don’t just rely on applying strategies instead commit fewer mistakes and win some big hands in Blackjack.

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Name: What are the 5 most common Blackjack mistakes to eliminate?

Posted On: 01/08/2020

Author: Darren Henley