What Is A Wild Symbol In An Online Casino?

Online casino games are incredibly diverse, cover lots of themes, have different rules and payouts, as well as icons. One of the fastest growing online gambling sectors is online slots, with the revenues from this easily eclipsing those from other more traditional forms of gambling.

Now wild icons are a term most used in the online slots world. But in online gambling, wild symbol refers to cards that can be used to replace others, so as to either fill out a hand or achieve a run.

In online slots, wild icons are special icons that show up along with the other featured game icons. Rather than acting normal by just sitting around doing essentially nothing, wild symbols replace any other icons found in the game, thereby massively boosting the chance that players can form a win or even form multiple wins either concurrently or simultaneously.

What Is A Wild Symbol In An Online Casino?

In the world of online slots, the wild symbol can be either dynamic or static, with bonus rounds, expanding icons and such as getting activated whenever the wild is triggered.

Wild Symbols- An Explanation

In online slots, players normally aim to line up two and up matching icons on a single line. In slots, icons are usually arranged from the left to the right in order to form wins, with this not affecting scatter icons, as they trigger whatever bonus they come with regardless of where exactly on the reels they appear.

Wild symbols normally flesh out standard lines by taking the place of another standard icon. For example, a win showing 10-10-10 on the win lines could also feature the wild by taking out any of the “10’ icons.

Wild Symbols are also able to change any best-of-three wins to a combo made up of 4 icons. Alternatively, they can award multiple line wins derived from different icons, just by filling out multiple win lines all at once.

In some slots, wild symbols come with additional features, values and functions. Thus, they might have a role as expanding wilds, with this enabling them to expand across one or multiple reels so as to fill out lots more win lines.

Any number of wild symbols can also possibly activate bonuses or trigger a win multiplier. Actually, the role of the wild icon can vary substantially from slot to slot or game to game, but wild symbols are still one of the more ubiquitous icons you can find in any slot machine.

Usually, wild symbols are most often found in online and video slots. While they are featured in classic fruit machines, this is not too common and they do not play much of an active role there.

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Name: What Is A Wild Symbol In An Online Casino?

Posted On: 20/10/2018

Author: Darren Henley