Poker Term: What Is A Ring Game?

There are different terms in poker based on the situation and the rules that are followed while playing the game. These different terms are used and are identified globally. If you play poker, one of the many terms, the term ‘ring game’ is often used. A ring game is a live game in poker which is not the game from the tournament.

Poker Term: What Is A Ring Game?

The ‘ring game’ is a game in poker. It is a cash game which is not included in the tournament play. The players are free to buy in and cash out according to their will. Although the player can put in and draw back money anytime they want, there is a restriction in the ring game on buying back. This is because, if the player pulls back the chips from the table, the other players lose the chance of winning the coins back which had lost.

The difference between the ring game and the other games:

When it comes to the play and the rules of the game, there is no difference in the ring game and other games. Almost all poker games are ring games. The only games that are not ring games are the poker game played in tournaments. The tournament poker games usually have different outcomes. A tournament is the series of games of poker which engage all the players into a series of games. The winner is declared at the end of the tournament after calculating the cumulative scores. The other way the winner is declared can be an elimination contest where the lowest scorer is eliminated at the end of the round.  

In the ring games, no player is forced to stay in the game, the player can cash out at any given point in time and exit the game. This helps the player restrict himself on earning the desired amount.

Ratholing preventing by Casinos:

‘Rathaoling’ is an act in Casino games where the player removes the chips from the game so that the opponents do not have a chance to redeem themselves and win back the coins. This gives an undue disadvantage to the players. Since in the ring game, the players can buy back anytime, casinos put a restriction on the times a player can buy back in. Although in ring games, the table is open for everyone anytime, this restriction prevents players from indulging in ratholing. Thus the players who have been playing from the beginning to end get a chance to cover their losses. The players get uncalled for disadvantages.   

Ring games and the types of games:

Casinos and online platforms offer ‘ring games’. This means that there are cash games played in casinos and card rooms or online platforms which allow the player to be a part of the poker games. These games are not a part of any tournament or contest. These games are usually all the common poker games that can be played at lower wager limits.

Many of the ring poker games are limit pokers. The ring poker games include stud and draw poker game, the games with the seven and five card variants. The Pai Gow is also one of the games.  

Ring games give an advantage to the players to cash out at their convenience. There are no rules altered in Ring games. Some players use it to their advantage and cash out in time and securing themselves with the amount they have earned.

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Name: Poker Term: What Is A Ring Game?

Posted On: 11/04/2019

Author: Darren Henley