Which One OF These Five Blackjack Stereotypes Are You?

Which One OF These Five Blackjack Stereotypes Are You?

Well, we don’t mean to straitjacket personalities at all, but after years of observation and research, it has come to light that most Blackjack players can be fit into five distinct categories. The fact is that, in general, those who love playing Blackjack have fairly powerful personalities. So, while they can all be profoundly different as people, it is only fair to suggest that their Blackjack table practices tend to follow certain prevailing trends quite closely.

Have you been wondering which category do you belong to? Then maybe it’s time you check out these five most common blackjack stereotypes. 

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Social Wanderer

The social Blackjack wanderers are those who are neither focused on winning big money nor are they overly concerned about losing and generally head to the table with relatively lower bankrolls. They are the ones who have little expertise or belief in learning the tactics and strategies of the game whatsoever and like to gather knowledge slowly from experience. Moreover, they are also the most talkative and friendly ones among the lot who enjoy socializing with everyone at the table. 

What’s really appreciable about the social Blackjack types is that no matter the outcome of the game, it’s really quite hard to dampen their spirits. Even if they take terrible decisions along the way and quickly lose every bit of bankroll they had begun with, they accept the loss as part and parcel of the whole gaming experience.

The Math Wizard

As opposed to the social wanderers, the mathematical geniuses are quite serious about learning the strategies and techniques of the game so that they eventually learn to win. They do not play blackjack just for sheer fun and enjoyment, but with a typical goal in mind, i.e., the game is more of a statistical puzzle that needs to be solved correctly. 

Usually, they consider the game to be a training session where they teach themselves to count the cards. Basically, they take the entire game too seriously and treat it with such a focused framework that the fun element goes out of the window.

Unlike the social types, you won’t come across too many mathematical geniuses in blackjack casinos. And, the frequent blackjack players are also not particularly fond of the math wizards, as the wiz types approach the game too professionally and make every move with such robotic accuracy that it makes the game dull and boring, adding to the frustration of their teammates.  

The Nervous Newbie

These types of Blackjack players are the easiest to spot at any casino table. Just one look at their anxious face will tell you that they would rather be anywhere else in the world but somehow have ended up in the casino table. 

More often than not, a Nervous type would feel out of place and will have saucer-eyes that make them look completely exhausted. They tightly hold in their hands a few dollars and enter the table with everything but confidence.

To be honest, most of the social archetypes are at some point in their lives Nervous Newbies, unsure of how to begin the game and also too sceptical to even ask for support. The newbies have slight to no experience of casino gaming at all, leave alone Blackjack. They either end up inadvertently at the Blackjack table perhaps because that is the only Poker game they’ve ever heard of.

The Amateur Card-Counter

Well, we have no qualms saying the general description of the amateur card-counters seems to be pretty much similar to that of the math wizards with only one glaring distinction. That is, those who are good at counting cards usually teach themselves to keep their counting skills well concealed. This is because generally when a casino figures out that a person has good counting skills, they tend to seize his/her money immediately and ban them from entering the casino for life. 

So, your probability of finding a card counter at the table and identifying themselves for what they truly are can be said to be negligible. Not that there are a lot of counters out there, but those who effectively get the job done are also good at keeping their skills a secret. All-in-all, they have the same technical, mathematical, and also to an extent a psychological approach to blackjack just like their mathematical wizard counterparts.

The Pro Gamer

Finally, we must say that the list would have remained incomplete without the blackjack pros. These players make up only a fraction of a percent of the gambling population, which makes them hard to identify. 

They also do not like to brag about their talents to anyone or let the entire casino know how much money they have actually earned. In reality, they appear to be the exact opposite of the OTT stereotype of the noisy and obnoxious high-rollers generally we see on television and in movies.

In short, the pros are skilled at hiding their talents. So if your opponent does not seem to be surprised even after back to back winning rounds, maybe you are staring at someone incredibly fortunate, with no interest in the gameplay at all, or you have just encountered a masked Blackjack pro in disguise. 


So, you can see, each of the archetypes has something good to offer. While the social wanderers make the game fun and enjoyable, the nervous newbies remind us to stay confident, whereas the math wiz makes us aware of newer strategies of winning every day. Simply take a look around the table next time you play a game of Blackjack, and you will surely find at least one of the stereotypes playing beside you.

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Name: Which One OF These Five Blackjack Stereotypes Are You?

Posted On: 22/08/2020

Author: Darren Henley