Can Coronavirus be a boon for Online Gambling?

Can Coronavirus be a boon for Online Gambling?

Nowadays, they don’t even show you the weather forecasts of the day, but the number of casualties from the recent Covid-19 virus plaguing throughout the world.

Viruses are dangerous yet magical creatures, who are dead right outside a living body, but alive once in contact with any life form. And one such organism, rather swarms of it has paused the entire world with one-third of the population locked down in their homes. 

But is that good news for the online casinos out there? With people locked up in their homes, and a provision for income may be the silver lining to this pandemic episode is the huge influx of casino games! Who knows? Let’s find out.

Why do we claim online casinos may have a silver lining out of this?

Well, as you might be aware, most businesses have received a severe blow due to this mysterious virus. Starting from core manufacturing industries to markets catering to lifestyle products, everything has hit a dead end of a road with no end in sight. One of the most devastating businesses right now globally is that of gambling. 

This fateful scenario owes the catastrophe to innumerable travel restrictions (national and international) throughout the world as the number of cases rises to 9 million while you finish reading this sentence. The hotbeds of casino gambling, Macau and Las Vegas have witnessed deserted roads and shut doors for the first time in history because no one knows where they may contract the virus. So, we have reasons to presume that online casinos are going to have a field day with the traditional casinos completely cut off from the scene.

In the early days of the disease, Las Vegas had already started showing a sharp drop in the number of people visiting the innumerable casinos, even the most famous ones. The thing about non-essential businesses is all of them get affected in a chain reaction. It wasn’t just the casinos, but a steep decline hit hotels such as Las Vegas Sands and MGM Resorts in revenue. 

Finally, on March 15th, while the world was beginning to grapple with the enormity of the virus, MGM decided to close its operations across hotels and casinos in Las Vegas. Naturally, others followed suit because no one wants bad PR in the times of recession. 

So, what does this mean for online casinos?

The bottom line is if they stay idle for long, these extensive chains of conglomerates and their various branches (hotels, casinos, restaurants, etc.) would soon go bankrupt. So, what’s the way out of this? As experts claim Corona is here to stay, the only plausible way out of this greatest human conundrum is switching to online casinos.

Not only would it prove profitable for the businesses, but it would also have other benefits. First, in the days of a recession, the greatest obstacle to growth is the stopping of cash flow. Second, with online casinos replacing the traditional ones, at least a part of the population would happily stay indoors. Therefore, it might seem this is the most auspicious moment for casino lobbyists to shift their business online. Now is a perfect time!

Just imagine, the same traditional casinos of Las Vegas that bear legacies of their own, have shifted to the internet! No extra queues, crowds, and chaos for all the interesting games you have always eyed. Doesn’t this sound rad?

Is there any hint of movement along this way?

The good news is there are rumours that casino lobbyists across the United States are teaming up to petition the Feds (Federal Government) so that they can shift their businesses online. What this means, in essence, is that the age-old traditional casinos, hell-bent to not venture the space of online casinos, are forced to wager their methods now. 

However, there are only a couple of places where online gambling is less famous than real-time casino gambling. Places like Vegas, Monte Carlo, and Macau are always swarming with people, and they have taken a hard beating from Covid-19. So, what’s the deal with the rest of the world?

Sports have an outright downward curve. So betting companies are going crazy!

With all the major championships being cancelled all over the world in the wake of the deadly virus, sports betting companies, such as Bet365, are looking for events to make bets. It’s news that this famous betting company has been offered odds in virtual sports. 


Finally, we would like to end with what we get from the facts. In the absence of any sports, betting companies would definitely try to cling to slots and casino games to pull some revenue. And with everything strictly shut down, now is the perfect time for online casinos to seize this opportunity.

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Name: Can Coronavirus be a boon for Online Gambling?

Posted On: 30/05/2020

Author: Darren Henley