Everything You Need to Know About Baccarat Side Bets

Everything You Need to Know About Baccarat Side Bets

Baccarat is a well-known casino game. However, it is sometimes boring and monotonous because of its simplicity. This is where side bets step into. They can spice up the game by introducing new rules, more information, and chances to have fun without altering any of the basic rules. With side bets included, it’s still the game everyone has loved for years, but with a bit more “oomph.

What are Baccarat’s other betting options?

Side bets are bets made on a game of Baccarat based on outcomes. Most are placed before the beginning of the game, before cards have been dealt, and they are placed alongside regular bets. Some are fixed odds, which typically provide higher game payouts than up to 8:1 offered by every regular bet.

Which Baccarat betting options are there?

There are dozens, if many side wagers that could be placed on Baccarat. However, some of the most sought-after are as follows:

All Red All Black

It is a bet that the player’s hand will comprise only offered cards (diamonds and heart) or black cards (clubs and spades). A successful ‘all-red’ bet generally will pay out 22:1, and the bet on ‘all black’ typically will pay 24:1.

Bellagio Match Side Bets

It is a bet on the possibility that the banker or player will receive a hand that contains a three-card set (three cards with identical rank). If the player can do so, it is usually an average payout of 75:1. However, when the banker is successful, it will usually result in an average payment of around 68 to 1.

Small and Big Large and Small

This bet is placed on the number of cards that the player and the banker’s hands finish the game. A successful bet on four cards typically will result in a payout of 3:2, and a profitable bet on six or five cards will usually result in an average payout of 2:1.

Bets on value – Combined Side Bets

There are a variety of wagers on the combined value of the player’s and the banker’s hands. Popular bets include whether the hands have a value of more or less 9.5. An effective bet on the over 9.5 typically has a payout in the range of 1.66:1, and a profitable wager on less than 9.5 typically has the pay-out of 2.23:1.

You could also place bets on whether the worth of the hands is odd or even.

A different popular combination bet is also known as Quik. It usually pays out depending on the values of the banker and the player. The banker’s hands. Double 8 It is a wager that both banker and player’s hands will be worth eight, and this is usually a payback of 15:1.

Dragon Side Bets

It is a bet to bet that the player will get a hand with a natural eight or nine with a specific margin (for example, if the player has a natural nine while the initial bankroll is three points, it is considered an advantage Six points). The payouts typically are in the form of Lucky Bonus.

Super 6 Side Bets

It typically has an odds of 12:1. In certain casinos, this type of bet is called a Lucky Bonus and has a payout ratio of 18:1. It will only be placed in conjunction with a bet with a banker on the same turn and has a maximum of 10 percent of the banker’s bet.

Lucky / Unlucky 8 Side Bets

Lucky 8 is a side bet with an amount of eight. If this prediction is successful, it generally pays 4:1. Unlucky 8 is a betting option that guarantees the banker or player loses the round through the hand that has 8 points. An accurate prediction is usually the odds of 8:1.

Panda 8

It is a bet that the player can get by a hand of three cards with a value of 8, and the payout is usually 25:1.

Perfect Pair

This is a wager that the player’s or banker’s initial hand is a pair with an identical rank. If they’re from different suits, it usually is a 5:1 payback and, if they’re both in the same class, it generally will result in a 25:1 payout.

Royal Match

It is a wager that the banker or player will receive a King or Queen first hand. The payout usually is 30:1 when they’re of different suits and 75:1 when they belong to identical suits.

Same Suit Opening

This bet is made on the assumption that either the player’s or banker’s first hand will comprise two cards from the identical suit—the payout usually 2.87:1.

Three-card 6

This bet is that either the banker or the player will be dealt a three-card hand with a value of 6. If one of them does, it generally is a payout ratio of 8:1. If both do, it typically will result in a payout of 100:1.


Now you know what Baccarat’s side bets are, and you should give them a go! Bring out your deck and invite your buddies to join you for some old-fashioned enjoyment.

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Name: Everything You Need to Know About Baccarat Side Bets

Posted On: 27/12/2021

Author: Darren Henley