Are Smartwatches Becoming The New Trend In Online Gaming?

Are Smartwatches Becoming The New Trend In Online Gaming?

The smartwatch of today can be used to accomplish a multitude of tasks, and it functions as an exercise tracker, communication mediator, and many others. An interesting idea could be to play our most popular online casino games with smartwatches. 

That would help make the preferred online casinos more accessible and make the gaming procedure more discrete. Today, due to the industry’s adaptability, we already have this option on our phones, perhaps because the idea of being made available on smartwatches is becoming so annoying.

Thankfully, this concept has been circulating in various departments for quite some time. As a result, a handful of these watches came out to the market with the added benefit of gambling apps. 

But, is this trend set to be the next big breakthrough within the realm of gambling online? We’re here to discover. In this article, we’re going to discuss a bit about how watches have turned into an indispensable element of our lives. Also, they are currently trying to integrate the need for luxury with the convenience of online gambling into these watches. 

A brief overview of the history of smartwatches

Have you realized that the movement to integrate watches and computers began as early as the 1980s? Seiko developed Data-2000 in 1983. It could keep two memos with up to 1000 characters each. 

In 1984 the RC-1000 was released (this watch could be connected with a computer). In 1990, The Receptor Message watch was developed to take pager messages through radio signals from FM.

With the advent of cell phones in the early 1990s, tech giants like Microsoft were already looking to figure out what other aspects of our daily lives we might one day carry on our bodies.

The year 1999 was when Samsung introduced the world’s first smartphone for wear called the SPH-WP10 that offered only 90 minutes of talk time before the battery went down. The year 2004 was when Microsoft released the first smartwatch, called the Microsoft SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology). 

The wearable device enabled people to get news, weather, and stock news via FM radio along with instant messages and email. The device was only a one-way road, but users were unable to respond to messages.

Are we even there yet?

In the year 2020, Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci worked together with British professional esports group Fnatic to develop a $1500 watch with a design aimed at gamers in esports. 

The limited-edition watches quickly sold, and it wasn’t until the end of the year that Garmin unveiled its new sports smartwatch. The new Instinct Esports Edition combines health and fitness tracking with specific features specifically designed for players.

Its GPS gaming smartwatch allows users to monitor and Livestream biometric information. The American smart and GPS wristwear maker has also unveiled it’s brand new “STReAMUP!” PC streaming tool offers players the option of streaming live their biometric data to a wider audience. This Instinct Edition watch can be used in smartphone or esports modes and offers an up to 80-hour battery life.

The technology that could someday give players the ability to play League of Legends on their smartwatch or let them play casino games with this kind of device is getting closer… However, it’s not there yet but it will be the future of gaming.

Future of Gaming

Wearers of smartwatches can download various free and paid games that are enjoyable and engaging, like Snake, Infinity Loop, Galaxia Classic, Tilt, and Runeblade; however, smartwatches are currently available aren’t gaming consoles. But this is set to be changed.

Many gaming software companies, like Playtech and Microgaming, together with a handful of online casinos, are focusing on this market in the hope of creating a wider variety of online sports betting applications.

If you’re interested in engaging on the internet at your wrist, the good thing is that they will likely flourish first because, compared to other games of chance, they are easily cut down and optimized to run on smaller screens. They require a few basic controls, such as bet and spin.

Another benefit of playing games with your smartwatch is that you can play your preferred games in a safe, secure environment wherever you are. As technology advances, it’s becoming simpler to allow your smartwatch to connect with your phone. But, the tiny screen size and the limited games and apps choices are still a problem for the moment. This will be the future of gaming.

Gaming and smartwatches

A handful of gambing companies and casinos online are working to create applications that are compatible with these devices. This is a reason to delight all online slots lovers. Due to the ease of controlling the game, they may be the first to be offered in this form. At present, some issues prevent it from becoming a mainstream trend—for instance, the tiny screen size and the limits in the number of apps. We can only be hopeful that we’ll soon see the end of these issues thanks to technological advancements.

What are the best ways to bet with your watch?

There are a few websites and apps available, and to refer back to them in the future, you must follow steps. You must go to the app or website on your mobile and connect the app to your watch. Once you have done that, you will play games on your smartwatch.


The gambling industry online is very adaptable to new technology, which is a key reason for its steady growth. With the advent of smartwatches to the market, it is only a matter of time to see where it will take us. For now, be smart, play safely, and have fun whenever you can. What do you think, will smartwatches be the future of gaming?

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Name: Are Smartwatches Becoming The New Trend In Online Gaming?

Posted On: 20/12/2021

Author: Darren Henley