Back-Counting In Blackjack and Advantages

Blackjack has always remained an all-time favourite among casino players. Online Blackjack today comes in several variants appealing to a larger population of players and offering a variety that breaks the monotony. While the basic blackjack rules remain unchanged across its variants, learning the approaches to card counting could work as a rewarding strategy for many.

Back-Counting In Blackjack and Advantages

How back-counting works?

The strategy of back-counting in Blackjack can be done in two different ways. The first one is where you can increase your bet size when you see the deck getting better. The other way is to join the game at a stage when you see the deck shaping up for the better. This is also known as “wonging” or “table-hopping”.

So, your purpose is to watch out for the time when the game gets profitable. Instead of counting through the entire deck, counting backwards and betting more when you notice an advantage is the core of this strategy.

When to use the back-counting tactics in Blackjack

Regardless of whichever online blackjack variant you choose to play, when applying the back counting technique, you need to develop some good tactics to handle it smoothly without getting caught.

The game could be demanding enough where you will have to keep a track of multiple counts without sitting at the table. Perfection may come with experience but here are a few things to be kept in mind so as to do it well.

Joining the game

If you are wondering when to join the game, some experts suggest you do so when the deck looks great. It’s important to have an act at the time of joining the game as much is the profitability aspect of the deck. Experts warn against staring at the shoe or keep looking at cards at various tables.

Leaving the game

Veterans recommend you to leave the table only if you find the count is negative and you have lost a hand. However, don’t leave the table after a win. The reason behind this is the fact that your anticipated win rate will be diminished only little if you play occasionally, especially when the cards are unfavourable.

To make your technique successful, you may need to pay heed to a couple of things other than the obvious understanding of how to count cards by heart. These include:

– Counting the cards efficiently and quickly. The mastermind behind this strategy, Wong, says that speed is important when it comes to card counting and if you have multiple players, it would be applicable likewise.
– Acting well is another aspect you must not overlook. It could be one of the most difficult things to do but acting when table hopping is a vital skill required for adopting this method. And sure with time and experience, you’ll see how naturally it comes to you when playing any choicest Blackjack variant.
– Of course, last but not the least, you need a good eyesight (don’t underrate it if your foresight works well for you). Well, yes you need to observe all that happens at various tables so that you can quickly read the cards that are dealt on the table from a distance. This, of course, is possible with good eyesight.

Advantages of this strategy

One of the major advantages of this strategy is that you bet mostly when it appears profitable. You make good bets as against the smaller bets that you have to make when not using the back-counting technique.

Secondly, when you count cards in the usual way, such as changing your bet size, it becomes too apparent to the dealers and pit bosses. However, when using the back-counting method, the deck is good enough for you to start making bigger bets straightaway. You wouldn’t have to spread your bets for an edge as you already have one.

However, this does not rule out using traditional card counting methods altogether even when back-counting as eventually you may have to adjust your bet sizes or use other workable strategies.

Whether you play at the traditional casino or online blackjack, back-counting can increase your winning potential. A little practice to develop the skill and you will enjoy this authentic casino game even more.

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Name: Back-Counting In Blackjack and Advantages

Posted On: 14/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley