Advance Deposit Wagering: Explained

In generic terms, the advance deposit wagering in gambling is where the bettor needs to deposit money in the casino account before placing a wager. This type of wagering is typically used for betting on horse races. In the gambling industry where online casinos have come to take the centre stage, deposit wagering in advance is also applicable to casinos.

Advance Deposit Wagering: Explained

How advance deposit wagering is applicable to gambling?

If you were to indulge in advance deposit wagering, first you would need to fund the account before you place your bet. As soon as you deposit funds, you can correspondingly place bets on horses or other kinds of pari-mutuel pools (a common betting system). In such pools where bets of a certain type are put together, the wins are deposited back in the casino account.

Most importantly, bettors need to check the legality of such betting in their jurisdiction for in many parts of the world it is considered illegal. Many credit shops allow betting without funding in advance and these types of accounts typically settle accounts at the month end.

While in many parts of the US advance deposit wagering is seen as illegal, in several other states even the government might have a share in the revenue collected through deposit wagering in advance along with horse trainers and the racecourse owners. The number of states treating deposit wagering as legal has increased since 2010 when only 20 states allowed it. These included Washington, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Louisiana. In 1999, ADW was legalized in the state of Illinois as per Horse Racing Act of 1975 and studies show that even today the state receives a share of the revenue from the source.

How did the advance deposit wagering work for horse betting?

Over the years there has been a rising trend in off-track wagering as heaps of money is wagered on-track in countries like the US. Betting at casino sites account for a big share when it comes to off-track wagering in today’s times. This accounts for over 40% of the total off-track wagering. Earlier, horse racing offered its version of online gambling with the advance deposit wagering system.

At the Kentucky Derby, even via online wagering, a significant amount of the total comes from the on-track betting. A per the latest records made by Churchill Downs, $225 million was collected in 2018 at this Derby.

The ADW advantages

It so happened that when racing was gradually moving off the tracks, low in its business, online wagering came about. Wagering in advance has brought more or less similar benefits for tracks like online gambling has brought to the casino industry. Some of the brighter aspects of ADW include:

– Creation of a new revenue channel
– Increase in the opportunities of distribution
– Convenient and easy application
– Inclusive, appealing to the newer generation of players
– Provides enhanced and useful customer data.

While the advantages are many, the flipsides haven’t been highlighted as such. In most top casinos, players simply need to make a quick deposit and instantly access the games catalogue. Not only that, most of these casinos offer match bonuses in the form of welcome and deposit bonuses so that the player can claim a percentage of the initial payment in the course of play at the casino. Such offers increase the winning opportunities, enhance player confidence and provide bankroll boost.

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Name: Advance Deposit Wagering: Explained

Posted On: 11/12/2018

Author: Darren Henley