What Does Comps In A Casino Mean?

Every casino has something planned to make the players want to come to the casino again and again. What would you expect from the casino where you regularly visit to make you want to go there again and again? Freebies?

 What Does Comps In A Casino Mean?

We guess yes, it’s the benefits that will make the player want to go to the casino frequently. And these freebies that a casino gives away in order to grab the players is known as comps. So comps are the synonym for complimentary items which the casino gives. The vital reason for the comps is encouraging the players for gaming because winning something surely wants you to play again, just the natural human tendency. So in order to sustain the old ones and welcome the new player’s casinos give away comps. These comps vary widely according to the player’s competence.

For example, if you are playing slot machines and you bet $1 every time you spin the reels, you are putting $1 into action every time you spin. If you make 600 spins per hour, then you’ve put $600/hour into action. The casino observes this making by any player. More the player makes for the casino, more will be the comps that casino decides on giving to the players. Based on the odds behind the game and also the payout odds, casinos can estimate the long-term expected losses based on your hourly action. After estimating the loss only they can then calculate a percentage of that to return to you in the form of comps. It is a clear give and takes technique.

In order to make the players stay in the same casino, there are hosts which are given by casinos to the players so that they will take care of the player’s comps. The host uses the comps most probably to make the player happy. Of course, not everyone has a host. You can also get comps almost automatically by signing up for the players’ club and inserting the card into the machines as you play. Pit bosses also have the authority to reward you with comps when you’re playing table games. In fact, the simplest and most common type of comp is the free drink. As long as you look like you are playing a slot machine, a cocktail waitress will bring you free drinks all night. These drinks are more than enough for players to stay consistent with the casino.

The estimation and calculation of comps:

The comps consist of the free drinks and coupons that the casino gives away to the players, but apart from this depending on the time you spend in the casino and the game the comps vary widely. They calculate the bets per hour that you make and then they decide that when and what amount you should be rewarded with. The comps you receive are not based on the loss amount. Instead, casinos calculate your comps based on your theoretical expected loss. What is the theoretically expected loss? This is a function of the house edge for the games you’re playing, the time you spend playing, and how many bets per hour you’re making.

Casino and gambling comps are really cool and so understanding how those comps work is the first step in making sure you don’t get taken advantage of.  Some players literally play free of cost just because of the comps, so if you understand this concept fairly you will surely be at the profit. It’s even theoretically possible to come out ahead because of the comps program.

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Name: What Does Comps In A Casino Mean?

Posted On: 01/03/2019

Author: Darren Henley