Streak Betting and Unfair Advantage Taking Using It

When in a game one person is winning the bet, then betting on that winning streak is what streak betting is all about. Many times players try to take a hand on streak betting just for their luck to run out, next to their money. Just like its name the streak betting does not last for long.

Streak Betting and Unfair Advantage Taking Using It

How does streak betting work?

This seems to be a pretty complicated concept than the other betting but if the player knows the game and team that he is betting on it is pretty simple to understand streak betting. Rather than betting against a streak, some players have had great success by predicting a streak of even money outcomes which continue to happen. With this system, the player simply chooses an even-money bet and places a single five-unit wager. When it loses it is replaced with a new five-unit wager. When it wins, let the winnings ride until it wins five straight times for a payoff of 155 units. With every player winning or losing, the house is going to win its 2.7%. However in roulette, due to several small streaks happening before a streak of five straight appears, the bettor will not lose 19 of every 37 spins. Yet, it can be a good stretch before a winning streak of five straight appears.

There are some indications that the player needs to know when a particular streak comes to an end,

  • If the player or team that is playing on the field is dragging their win.
  • If the team the bettor is betting on is facing the best high-class team for the first time in their life.
  • If they lose a key player in the build-up or if they play a team or player that has a big motivation to end their winning run.

If in case a team or player wins a lot of money from betting on one particular team or a player then it is difficult to let them go and move on to another team, player or even sports. There is an example to this that happened earlier, there was a gambler who earned £380,000 by guessing the results of 12 rugby games right. He did not stop at this and went ahead and then he lost the lot by betting on Wales to beat Australia. So that’s where betting streaks failed to win.

There are some unfair advantages of betting streaks and here they are as follows,

  1. The research has shown that both winning streaks and losing streaks, even in the casino, are not just based on luck they are based on how well do you know about the team and players or even game that you are betting on. If you don’t know the game well you will not be aware of the twists that can happen at the ending of the winning or losing of your opponent and hence it is not just the luck but the knowledge about the game, team and players that can lead to the probability of you winning the streak.
  2. When a player is winning he tends to make wiser decisions. When he is losing, his good sense can go out of the window and he can start chasing his losses. Hence no matter you win or lose when you bet on streaks you need to be sure about the decision that you are making.
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Name: Streak Betting and Unfair Advantage Taking Using It

Posted On: 04/03/2019

Author: Darren Henley