How To Deal With A Cold Streak ( Losing Streak )

Streak betting is that which the bettor bets on the win or lose of the opponent.  Winning streaks are super fun. Winning one game after the other is an overwhelming feeling and players in winning streak are super excited. On the other hand, losing streak is a rather demotivating feeling. Losing one game after the other is the most undesired feeling. When the bettor loses the streak there are few ways to get over the losing streak.

How To Deal With A Cold Streak ( Losing Streak )

  • Analyse Your Betting History

Once you watch out your own history of the betting and finds out that you have way too many losing streaks then you should consider overlooking some things. You should try to avoid chasing losses and once you keenly observe your spread-sheet you will definitely come to know the reason for your losses. When you analyse your past events you should as yourself these questions, did you stick to your staking plan? Did you analyse that particular event as you had planned to do? And do not lie to yourself while you analyse your record. When you go through you will notice this one thing that you usually lose when you do not stick to your plan, hence these times of non-disciplinary attitude costs you money, so better try to avoid it.

  • Remain professional

While you are on a losing streak what you can do is compare the activities of a professional sports bettor to that of a professional sports person and this analogy will definitely work well when it comes to deal with the heartache of a losing run. You will see that even the best pro bettors go through losing streaks, but it’s the way they deal with their losses makes them stand out from the consistent losers.

  • Change strategy

When you are losing and you realise that the strategy that you have been using is not working then changing the strategy is the one thing you can do to avoid the losing streak. The strategies out there are constantly evolving and hence using the right one for the next bet is quite important.

  • Play more carefully and try and restore confidence

If you are consistently losing try betting on fewer games and whichever game you bet on, be sure about the team, game and player. If you study solely about the bet that you are going to place, you will have more confidence which will make you win the bet. This is really obvious advice but many bettors forget it and tend to lose the bets. Players think more the bets more the wins but that is not true and hence you should be little more careful about the game or team you are betting on.

  • Give up the game completely

No player can take this dreaded advice while having a losing streak. The search for better, more profitable betting is a never going to end, and so “adapt or die” is a very good way in the rapidly changing world of betting.

  • Don’t be a coward

It is a little harsh, but being firm will help you work through a losing streak. Losing streaks will happen, even when you apply a sound staking plan and bet selection process. So when a losing streak comes, if you are confident about doing things right keep going. Be consistent with your processes, keep to your staking plan and keep making your selections. If you are doing things right, you will work through your losing streak and come out the other end with greater confidence.

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Name: How To Deal With A Cold Streak ( Losing Streak )

Posted On: 08/03/2019

Author: Darren Henley