Different Types of Craps Players

Different Types of Craps Players

Determining the best online craps strategy is difficult when you’ve not played before. Many experienced gamblers are aware of the kind of player they are, regardless of whether they’re a high-roller or system freak.

It can take some time to establish your personality when playing craps. It’s an exercise in skill and luck in terms of the risk of gambling – do you go for the biggest game payouts or go for the smaller frequent earnings?

Understanding your style of gambling will allow you to define your own game of craps. However, the most successful online casino craps players can switch their strategies and mindsets when they get stuck in a pattern.

Of course, nobody can be 100% accurate when it comes down to betting on craps. Sometimes, an inexperienced player could strike lucky and get a little fortune.

With this in mind, let’s take the time to look at all kinds of craps players you’ll generally find in a casino. 

While some go to the table to play, have a good time, and throw the dice, some prefer to remain cool, stifling the game and placing smart bets. Which is your favorite craps player?

The Grinder

The term “grinder” refers to a craps player who can make the same bet repeatedly without increasing the size of the bet. Some craps players may even use an intricate betting pattern using odds or even combining proposition bets and line bets. 

Since they do not press their bets, they’re usually dependent on the odds on the table that eventually reduce the Grinder’s odds of losing the entire bet. 

Dealers are not fond of grinders as they are merely taking up room at tables and are almost always gainers unless there’s an amazing streak in the game. Even then, the Grinder isn’t likely to get much. A lot of Grinders follow a regular pattern of bets and do not make bets.

The Logger

Loggers are a rare breed. Logger is an uncommon breed that is rarely encountered. The Logger adopts a more academic approach and records the outcomes from the game over a certain amount of time, usually jotting notes using pen and paper before making any bet of any type. 

It’s an unnecessary waste of time. The information thrown out in the past does not have any significance on what is to be thrown shortly.

The Degenerate

They are the craps players who have tried to succeed in the game often for years and who have tried hundreds and thousands of strategies and methods that have all come to naught. 

In reality, the majority of the dealers at the craps tables around the world are degenerate. Some have to hold two jobs and yet have time to play the game with the little spare time they may have. 

You will find them in the break rooms of casinos in the break rooms, sleeping during their breaks. Many of them have their friends wake them up using their mobile phones or carry mini alarm clocks on their person to make use of during breaks.

The Stroker

Strokers are craps players , either intentionally or not, jerks dealers around. Often it is accomplished by putting out bets late or using tricks such as throwing a 100 dollar bill on the field in the final moment and, after that, asking to change after the non-field number is rolled. 

Other techniques used by Strokers craps players include mumbling bets to ensure that dealers will not hear and “barber” betting on their bets by poking them (betting multiple chipset denominations in one go), which means that dealers need to figure out how to break the bet to get the payout. 

Some players play in teams at both ends of the table, with one betting on the pass line while the other betting on the doesn’t pass the line to rack up comps and get free drinks.

The Professional Player

The term “professional” refers to the  craps players as a myth. In an inquiry to three casino professionals, with a combined period of Las Vegas and Reno craps community for more than 100 years, there isn’t any evidence of a professional player who has ever or has ever earned a living from playing craps. 

These professionals were boxmen, dealers, or managers of the floors in several casinos. The nearest thing that could be described as being a professional was a legend known as System Smitty, a character who advertised in Los Angeles newspapers and convinced players to travel to Las Vegas and have him gamble on their bank accounts at the craps tables.

The existence of this legend and, well, or has passed away is not known at the time of writing. Should you have information about someone who earns a living from the craps game, let us know.

Tourist/Recreational Player

They enjoy playing games for fun, without any chance of victory. They usually do not know the game or have a simple strategy that they think of as an actual strategy. 

They are simply a way of playing, and the majority of those who belong to this category don’t have a solid understanding of the percentages of the game or House Edge. 

Most of the time, their bets go into The Field and the big six, as well as the eight corner boxes. In most cases, they put bets on the Pass Line following the point that has been determined. 

Furthermore, because the game’s fun usually attracts them, they’ll not hesitate to throw wagers in the box of propositions, hoping for an unforced hit or score of 7 or 11 in the roll that comes out.  Many of them believe that they are covered by the AnyCraps and Craps/11 (C and E) bets on the coming out roll, believing that they are purchasing insurance.

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Name: Different Types of Craps Players

Posted On: 22/11/2021

Author: Darren Henley