Even Money Bet In Detail

When playing online games, it becomes essential to understand the aspects, features and ways of enhancing the odds of winning for a fulfilling gaming session. In some casino games, you can place an ‘even money bet’ which means that placing such a bet could get you back the staked amount along with winnings of the same value of your bet.

Popular among bettors, even money bet is regarded as generating a good value for players with an intention to place a singles bet where if the bet wins, the stake will be doubled. Most veteran players favour this betting mechanism in the long run of a gaming session as they need to win only 51% of the staked amount to stay in profit. Those who are good at predicting the outcome could also end up making larger profits.

Even Money Bet In Detail

How do the odds for an even money bet look?

To get started you will need to understand how the odds for an even money bet could be written. There are a few ways in which this can be done. First, it could be expressed in fractions like 1/1; secondly, you can write it in decimal such as 2.0 or it could also be expressed in the payline form such as +100. This category of bets is often referred to as 50/50 bets, though the use of this term is more in sports betting than in online roulette games.

The application of even money bets in Online Roulette

The game of roulette offers more even money bets that those in other casino games. Such bets include Red/Black; Odd/Even and Hi/Lo. Whether a new or a veteran player, anyone can try this betting style.

When playing French online roulette with the En Prison, you can place even money bets. In an occasion when the result is zero, you will not lose money when you place even money bets as it remains effective for the following spin where you can retrieve your money. However, this will come without any extra winnings when you have a successful bet. In case your bet loses or there’s another zero, you’ll lose.

Does every even money bet have odds of 50/50?

Not necessarily, though you may find most casinos offering to bet on a coin toss as a means of even money bet. For new players, the coin toss could be helpful, however, you must not be misled as all even money bets aren’t created equal.

In online Roulette formats like in the European Roulette, you could find even money bets to have odds of 47.4%, thanks to the green zero-slot! Contrarily, in American Roulette, this reduces to 44.8% owing to the addition of double zeros.

Pros of Even Money Bets

The system comes with certain advantages and the most obvious one is that placing even money bet can increase your chance of breaking even or sometimes also enable making a marginal profit if you have a bankroll playable for long. This is possible as in the long run the wins and losses have a better chance of getting even out.

As compared to other popular casino games like slots where you can make a fortune by pulling the arm of the slot machine, use of even money bet in online roulette might not get you as much, but you are sure to enjoy the thrill of winning real money.

When should you place even money bets?

Even money betting is quite different from staking in online slot games as it is comparatively slow-paced and requires practise, skill and willingness to contribute the time and effort towards building your bankroll. You cannot be impatient when using this mechanism as if you hurry things to boost your bankroll faster than possible, you might land up losing it all.

Even money betting suits players who take to methodical gaming and you can increase your winning opportunities against players placing inside bets at the roulette table in your favourite top online casino. Earlier players used to place even money bets at land casinos and now with the emergence of multiple variants of online roulette, players are ready to experiment with popular strategies to enhance the odds of winning. A lot many experts believe that authentic table games like roulette have a measured format of play and thus the even money bet befits this wheel game of fortune.

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Name: Even Money Bet In Detail

Posted On: 15/11/2018

Author: Darren Henley