What Is An Advantage Play?

Advantage Play is a gambling term that refers to a player who seeks to boost winning chances by engaging in legal but not quite honest means and ways. These can be in the form of card counting, betting systems, manipulating the dice, exploiting noted game faults and lots more.

Apart from the above, Advantage Play is also often used as a general euphemism for players who are engaged in cheating. Thus, players who are being accused of using these techniques are in effect making an ill use of the system in one way or the other.

What Is An Advantage Play?

All About Advantage Play

Advantage play during gambling takes varied forms, with all making use of legal means to effectively circumvent ostensibly fixed game rules and the like. Now, in nearly all forms of gambling, the house edge is present. This is an inbuilt advantage that lets the game operator make some moolah and cover expenses. However, the basic aim is to eliminate this house edge and so thoroughly boost winning chances.

Frequently, the term is used in reference to players who are cheating in a game and hence breaking the law. But most often it refers to players who ostensibly stick to the laid down rules but are actually working to undermine it.

A very common sort of advantage play involves the betting system. The simplest systems merely stipulate the raising and lowering of wages depending on what the current win streak in games like roulette is. They might also suggest making bets only when particularly strong poker hands make an appearance.

Other more complicated forms include the likes of card counting, during which players keep a mental count of all card values seen and make wagers only when they sense that they hold all the advantage. Players can also engage in card reading, which means covertly but carefully examining cards for minute faults and manufacturing defects that mark them out.

An advantage play is also possible when players manipulate certain games. For example, players in craps can boost their odds of winning by implementing certain dice rolling methods that guarantee the hitting of specific numbers. Slots players as well often search for slots that have just been filled without success by another player, as the chance of hitting the jackpot in such slots are enhanced.

While this is not, in fact, illegal and can be used to scoop up momentous wins, casino operators immensely dislike it, as do other players whose stash are being taken by the person utilizing these means to gamble. Most of these methods are only meant for the land-based casino while there are few which can also apply to an online casino.

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Name: What Is An Advantage Play?

Posted On: 12/11/2018

Author: Darren Henley