How do you play a pair of 4s in Blackjack?

How do you play a pair of 4s in Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games among gamblers across the globe. Unlike other casino games like roulette and scratch cards, it involves the elements of skill and strategy and allows players to have an advantage over the casino.

In most Blackjack variants, when players receive a starting total that consists of two cards of equal rank, they can split the pair into two separate hands. The dealer then draws an extra card for each of the new hands and then gameplay continues as normal.

If the player gets dealt another pair after the split, they have the option to resplit it, with many online gambling sites allowing resplitting up to four hands. This allows the players to generate twice as much profit during a round when the dealer is in a bad position with small upcards.

So, making the correct splitting is of vital importance for all Blackjack players. Read on to know how to play a pair of 4s in Blackjack.

When to Split a Pair of 4s

As mentioned above, it’s very important to know when to split a particular pair as it makes a huge difference in the long run. Each move provides players with new possibilities and if they want to get the best ones, the only way is to make the correct choices. As such, the right time to split a 4s is whenever the dealer’s upcard is five or six. The odds are that 8 out of 13 cards will be beneficial for the players.

There are six cards in the deck that will place the players in a standing position and two more cards will leave them with a total of 10 or 11. The reason why you should split the 4s in these instances is that this move can result in a situation suitable for doubling down. This, in turn, allows you to increase their money bets and make the most out of the situation.

Splitting is possible in one more case – when the dealer’s upcard if four. However, when it comes to exactly this particular situation, you can also decide to hit. Many high rollers think that either way, they won’t be wrong. Splitting or hitting four against a four as the dealer’s upcard is rather a controversial matter and both the moves are practised by players all across the globe.

Sometimes there is no bad or good move, just different possibilities that it will result in. In this case, both the moves are appropriate and it’s up to you to decide how to proceed.

When to Avoid Splitting a Pair of 4s

There are various instances when it would be best for you to not to split the pair of 4s. Instead, you should choose to hit in order to avoid putting yourself in a breaking position. This move should be made whenever the dealer’s upcard is two, three or from seven through ace. When hitting, you can get a total of 19 in your hand or if you draw two or three, it provides you with an opportunity to double down.

Even if the dealer’s upcard is three, the best decision would be to hit. Splitting is also not entirely appropriate as it provides players with the chance to get from four through seven or an ace on both split hands. The motive behind this move is that when the dealer’s upcard is three, the chances that they will not reach 21 are quite high.

However, it’s important to note that when splitting there is also a chance that you will end up with breaking hands. It’s up to you to decide how to proceed. You can also decide to hit in cases when the dealer’s upcard is four.

Some Important Things to Consider

Splitting 4s often draws the attention of many players as this is the move which offers the possibility to double down afterwards and thus, players can improve their money bet. However, keep in mind that some casino sites don’t allow doubling down after splitting or they place some restrictions on it. Hence, you need to read the terms and conditions before playing the game at any casino.

It’s really important to take your time and understand these requirements beforehand as sometimes your strategy can be based on such moves. And if you’re restricted to make the required moves during the gameplay, it changes the whole picture.

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Name: How do you play a pair of 4s in Blackjack?

Posted On: 15/02/2020

Author: Darren Henley